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25 Oct 2021

How to make job descriptions for vacancies more inclusive - HR World

With the furlough scheme finally at an end, and the ‘return-to-work’ not quite going as expected, vacancies across the country are continuing to rise.

In fact, the latest figures from the ONS reveal that, from July to September 2021, there was a record high of 1,102,000 vacancies across the UK.

This figure is higher than pre-pandemic levels by more than 300,000.

But perhaps in an even more concerning twist, there’s still a scarily high level of unemployment, which raises more issues than solutions.

Some of the main questions this raises are: why is there a disconnect between the two, what is causing the problem, and what can be done about it?

In my opinion, for today’s candidates, they are simply waiting for the ‘perfect’ job for them, rather than just applying for any position they come across to earn a wage.

But what this means is that they are also sifting through a plethora of job specifications and vacancies and disregarding them, attempting to find one that most aligns with their values.

Although there are clearly plenty of opportunities available out there for everyone, people are still turning down jobs.

I believe one of the issues is due to job descriptions not being inclusive enough to appeal.


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