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Formerly known as BAME Recruitment

Diversifying Group provide a comprehensive range of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) services to drive tangible progress to your agenda.

Our consultancy services are delivered by highly experienced D&I practitioners. Our approach can be tailored to suit the needs of your business and we welcome the opportunity to discuss the options with you in more detail.

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Strategy & Consulting

Finding and hiring the right candidates is just one aspect of being an inclusive employer. Many of our partners have great intentions but need help and support to create an inclusive environment where people of all characteristics can truly belong. We provide tailored tools and solutions to help support you in getting there.

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Diversity Partnerships

Organisations are now looking to accelerate their inclusivity efforts, but they need help and support from an objective and expert Partner.

Our Diversity Partnership service is a 12 month+ journey where we become part of your overall D&I strategy. This complete solution helps to accelerate D&I activity across a number of areas and embed this into the day-to-day work and your longer term culture. Our comprehensive and sustainable approach addresses challenges across attraction, recruitment, mobility, engagement and retention through a combination of our consultancy services.

Current Diversity Partners include:

D&I Training

Our expert practitioners can equip your teams with the awareness, skills and tools to foster inclusivity that can be taken into day- to-day work and lives. Good intentions are good but not good enough.

Our training makes a lasting impact through insights, activities and stories that bring the theory to life. By partnering with you to understand the context of your work environment, we can help your teams to understand the relevance and impact to the work you do. Our training has been delivered to hiring managers, board members, internal talent teams and agency recruiters, senior leadership teams and employee resource groups.

Our training options include

Fundamentals of D&I

The basics of Diversity and Inclusion, from the Equality Act to Allyship. This training employs an intersectional approach to inclusion, and helps you understand the role of privilege and power in maintaining inequalities.

D&I in Recruiting Training

Embed inclusion in every step of the recruitment process with practical training aimed at recruitment professionals. 

Active Bystander training

Learn about harassment and microaggressions, and how to combat them by becoming an Active Bystander. This interactive session utilises roleplay and scenarios to help you become confident in your role challenging harassment and changing culture.


Get to grips with the framework of intersectionality to learn how power and privilege shape our experiences.


Learn how to be a good ally and use your position to create positive change

Inclusive Leadership

Learn about the ten traits of inclusive leaders and how to cultivate a personal approach that enhances inclusion and belonging to benefit your organisation.

Unconscious Bias

Learn about different types of bias in this interactive session, how they relate to microaggressions, and practical tips for reducing bias both personally and within the workplace.


Microaggressions are the subtle face of bias. This focussed session helps you decode common microaggressions, determine why they happen, and gives you the skills to reduce them through allyship.

Race as a Social Construct

This training will work to deconstruct the notion of race, how race still impacts our place in society today, the implications it has for people of colour, and the vital role of allyship in building an anti-racist society.

Neurodiversity Inclusion

Developed by a neurodivergent trainer, this session will inspire participants to think differently about what counts as "typical".

Trans Awareness & Inclusion

At a time where trans people are greatly misunderstood, it is even more important that we are able to effectively support our trans colleagues and employees. 

Menopause Awareness & Inclusion

With the potential to impact us all (directly or indirectly), this session will educate participants on the menopause, explore the impact, and advise on how to create a Menopause-friendly workplace.

Track Record

We are privileged to work with some of the UK’s most well known organisations, supporting them on their D&I journey to make a lasting impact in driving their inclusion strategy.

We have created comprehensive and sustainable approaches to address D&I challenges across attraction, recruitment, mobility, engagement and retention, through a combination of our consultancy services. We always ensure that the work we deliver is meaningful, and never a box-ticking exercise.

Consultancy Clients

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Explore feedback from our clients and attendees

"We were extremely pleased with their professional approach, and the final report which provided insightful and honest feedback and prioritised action plan."

Aberystwyth University, Dylan Eurig Jones, Diversity & Inclusion Manager

"They made us all feel very safe having at times quite difficult conversations. We would work with the Diversifying Group again for sure."

London Legacy Development Corporation, Samantha White, Talent, Learning and Development Partner

"We see our relationship with Diversifying Group as pioneering as we aspire to address the long-standing challenge in education of having a workforce that represents and celebrates the richly diverse communities that we serve."

The Dean Trust, Andrew Shakos, Operations Director

"If you are a business where you want a trusted, easy to work with partner who makes even the hardest topics approachable, I cannot recommend Cynthia, Luke and their wonderful team enough!"

eBay, Faye Green, Recruitment Lead

"Huge thank you for your time, I really enjoyed the training and found it very empowering in how I can be mindful to make the world a better place for all."

Training Attendee, Building Inclusivity Confidence

"Feel very confident that we are in good hands as a company on our diversifying recruitment strategy”

Training Attendee, Fundamentals of D&I

"They have been authentic, genuine and true experts in their specialist area and have partnered with us to evolve our processes, procedures and even basic terminology to really deliver meaningful change."

Metro Bank, Karl Porter, Director of Talent Acquisition

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