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We want to help everyone on the path to inclusive working.

Diversifying Group is a social change organisation. We have a vision for a world built on equal opportunities where workplaces are representative of our diverse society, and everyone feels empowered to be their authentic self. In line with this vision, we’re delighted to share these free resources for job seekers and employers seeking advice.

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How to Prepare When Working With an Inclusive Recruitment Agency

Why use recruitment agencies? And How?

Redundancy - Know Your Rights

Make sure you're aware of your rights as a worker in the UK, in case the worst happens.

Diversity Calendar 2023

Don't forget an awareness day this year - this is your new go-to resource!

Creating a Healthy Work-Life Balance

This is how you create boundaries at work and don't burnout. 

Creating a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Employees are people, not automatons - treat them as such.

Diversity Calendar 2022

Download to keep track of all the diverse awareness days of 2022.

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