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08 Dec 2021

Beyond good intentions: how to strengthen diversity and inclusion in the workplace - Business Reporter

Companies with the highest proportion of ethnic and cultural diversity are 33 per cent more likely to outperform their competitors.

The business case for diversity is stronger than ever – not to mention the moral and social responsibility, whether that’s in terms of gender, ethnicity, culture, disability, age or any other characteristic that might set you apart. You might think this is old news by now, but while lip service has been paid in abundance to the importance of diversity, the stark reality is that progress remains sluggish.

‘It’s hard to find your voice when you are the only person that looks like you in a room,’ Cynthia Davis, co-founder of, reflects on the early days of her career. ‘I was Black and a woman in a world that favoured those from a particular background, with a particular voice and a particular look that did not align with mine.’


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