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Jul 21 2022

'I was fed up of being the only Black woman in my workplace - so I made a job site that puts diversity first'

People who aren't white, male, straight and cis-gendered face hidden obstacles in the job market - London recruiter Cynthia Davis is working to make that a thing of the past.

Zimbabwe-born recruitment expert Cynthia Davis has spent too much of her time at work being one of the only people of colour in the room.

Over her recruitment career spanning more than two decades, Cynthia saw that companies were missing out on huge amounts of diverse talent simply because they didn't know how to find and attract those employees, and workplaces were then missing out on a range of perspectives and creative outlooks. 

In her first consultancy recruitment job, which had a 120-person workforce, she was one of just five women and the only woman of colour.

Knowing this was an all-too-common experience across workplaces, she decided to make a change and tackle the issue head-on by starting her own inclusivity-focussed job board. 

Cynthia, 44, founded two years ago with the intention of challenging discrimination in the workplace and to encourage equal access to opportunities for people from all walks of life.


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