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Formerly known as BAME Recruitment

11 Jan 2022

Issue 9

Happy New Year to all of our subscribers!

This time of year can be really difficult. The thought of returning to work after the festive break can amplify the "Sunday scaries" anxiety, which is totally understandable. I'm actually a big fan of this time of year because, as selfish as it might sound, it often means taking some time for yourself. December is all about other people. It’s about spending time with family (even if you don’t want to), seeing your friends (because you should, its Christmas), making sure that the children have a magical time (even if you don’t feel very magical and find the elf on the shelf completely bizarre). January, however, is a month where we can spend a little more time on self-reflection, focussing on ourselves and not feel guilty about it.
I’m aware that New Year’s resolutions have started to get a bit of a bashing over recent years, but I don’t think that setting goals for yourself (personally or professionally) is a bad thing, at any time of the year.
Are we doing dry January? Veganuary? Hitting the gym? Is this the year we change our wardrobe or our hair? Or better still, is this the year that we challenge ourselves with the MBA, go for the promotion, shift gear on a side project or enhance our skill set by taking on more responsibility at work?
Now, unfortunately, we can’t help you stay away from the sauvignon or the cheese, or put your trainers on or cut your hair, but we can help you to find the next step in your career…
Over the past couple of years, presumably due to the pandemic, we have seen an increase in people questioning their careers in terms of their purpose or their ‘why’. If you love what you do but feel like you have the capacity and ability to help others - whilst gaining new skills for yourself - then finding the right opportunity to sit on a Board could be the answer.
The benefits to joining a Board are plentiful and according to recently published figures, two thirds (66%) of charities say they are actively looking to recruit Trustees from more diverse backgrounds [1] which although not perfect, does mean there has never been a better time to see which charities align with your passions and how you might be able to ensure that they’re effectual in their mission.


Connect with me, if you haven’t already, and I’ll be able to talk you through the options available to you and how best to position yourself for the right role.




An important update

2022 brings exciting new changes for us at BAME Recruitment and We’re committed to a continual journey of self-improvement, making sure we’re always being the most inclusive organisation possible.
We’ve listened closely to the commentary surrounding the acronym ‘BAME’ in recent years, and we believe that now is the time for us to take action. We feel that BAME Recruitment is no longer a name that fully represents our mission and we’re so excited to welcome in a new chapter. 
We’re busy working behind the scenes right now, but we can’t wait to share our new brand with you soon and continue our fight for equality with renewed strength. More updates coming soon.



We’re making some changes to our drop-in clinic over the next few weeks and have an exciting new offering in the works.
To have your say and help us to navigate the right path, answer our quick survey via this link:

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