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10 Sep 2021

Diversity Lens - Issue 93

Sep 10

Diversity Lens - Issue 93

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This week the PM announced a national insurance hike in efforts to fund the social care system in England and deal with the NHS backlog.

While Johnson has said his hope is to make "the system fairer for all", many are outraged by this unprecedented move. Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer points out the big flaw in the plan: "a poorly-paid care worker" will end up paying more tax for the care they provide, with no change in their low wages.

Is this the fairest way to fix our social care, with the wealthiest of our population remaining relatively untouched?
"Judith Butler: ‘We need to rethink the category of woman’"
The Guardian
31 years since the release of the esteemed Gender Trouble, Judith Butler sits down with The Guardian to bring the critique into the modern day.

The central concept of Butler's book was 'performativity' and how gender is a "negotiation" between cultural norms and our own realities. Gender is an assignment that is first designated at birth and then continually assigned to us, along with a slew of social expectations. We can hijack these powers however, Butler says, and form our own self-assignment.

Non-binary as an identity hadn't been established when Butler was writing Gender Trouble, but now they admit for the first time, "I don’t see how I cannot be in that category."
The interview takes Butler back to the demonstrations from their youth, fighting against the policing of identity and the police themselves. These protests for fundamental human rights aligned Butler and their peers with "broader coalitions" and the need to be equally opposed to racism, economic injustice and colonialism. They are just as passionate about these wider international social issues now.

Butler has been at the centre of gender activism, both academic and non-academic, and today has more than earned the title of an "intellectual celebrity".
"When we are “girled”, we are entered into a realm of girldom that has been built up over a long time – a series of conventions"
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Munroe Bergdorf interview: on new podcast The Way We Are
Renowned model and activist launches her "candid" new podcast, The Way We Are. A product of lockdown reflections, her podcast is a way to have more nuanced and meaningful conversations, away from the vitriol she was exposed to on twitter. Guests include Mabel, Jameela Jamil, and Olly Alexander, but just Monroe's name on it is enough to get us excited. Listen here.
"I get to share my thoughts in a much more positive and dynamic way with people I admire, people who have had their own journeys."
10 Paralympians who have made history this year
In the year which saw Paralympians receiving equal pay for medals to their olympic counterparts, make sure you haven't missed any of the other historic wins this games. We witnessed the first Indian woman to receive gold, the first medal for Ecuador ever, the first non-binary person to earn a medal, and the first woman to win gold in wheelchair rugby. Read up on these incredible trailblazers.

Read time: 11 minutes
Everything you need to know about Channel 4’s Black to Front Project
As part of Channel 4's commitment to improving on-screen representation, today's programming (Friday 10th) is being reimagined with new and familiar content fronted entirely by Black talent. This groundbreaking project hopes to spark wider conversations around representation in the TV industry, on and off screen. We're excited to play a part in this day - keep a look out between programmes for our Diversifying advert.

Read time: 5 minutes
Interview red flags: TikTok edition
Over on our TikTok channel, our video on interview red flags is blowing up. Ever heard the phrase, 'we work hard and play hard'? Run!
Follow on TikTok for job tips and tricks from our expert recruiters and diversity consultants. One of our Customer Success Executive's Eddie features in this one.
Bosses turn to ‘tattleware’ to keep tabs on employees working from home
Since the pandemic has led many employees to work remotely, digital surveillance programmes have gained more traction amongst employers. However, this new method of monitoring is incredibly invasive - one such programme called Sneek captures a live photo of the computer user periodically, with a function to share the webcam shot around the team. An employee quit over this invasion of privacy.

Fears are mounting that this boom in worker surveillance is here to stay.

Read time: 8 minutes
Estate agent refused 5pm finish wins £185,000 payout
A woman has won a sex discrimination case against her employer who refused her request for reduced working hours in order to pick her child up from nursery. Alice Thompson found that the relationship with her employer started to breakdown soon after she became pregnant. Ultimately, the judge found that Thompson had been discriminated against "because of her sex" and awarded a large sum of money in compensation.

Read time: 2.5 minutes

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