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Beware of scams: Protect yourself from fraudulent messages

At Diversifying Group, we're committed to your safety and security. We would like to ask our candidates to beware of a current scam that targets job seekers. Fraudsters may reach out to you impersonating consultants with job opportunities or offers in order to get your personal information or request payment. It's crucial to be vigilant and verify the authenticity of any messages you receive.

Recruitment scams are not always obvious. Here are a few tips on how to identify a fraudulent message:

  • It’s from an unknown phone number, country code or email address.

  • It contains a link; these may contain malware that could be installed on your device so avoid clicking on these.

  • It contains sudden requests for payment or pressure to act quickly.

  • It contains poor spelling and/or grammar.

  • It contains unrealistic salary or working arrangements - if it’s too good to be true it probably is.

For your safety, we strongly advise:

  • Do not respond to these messages.

  • Do not share any personal information, banking details, or make any payments requested through these messages.

  • Report the scam message to your local authorities or the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) through their official website for further investigation.

At Diversifying Group, we might contact you by text message, however:

  • Initial contact will usually be via an email address containing or via LinkedIn.

  • We never send job offers or requests for personal information via text message to individuals who have not registered with our agency.

  • We will never ask a candidate to pay fees as part of the recruitment process.

  • We have an office phone number on our website, so you can give us a call if you’re not sure of anything.

Stay alert and safeguard yourself against fraudulent activity. If you have any doubts or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly using the contact details below:

17 Jan 2020

Diversity Lens - Issue 9

Jan 17

Diversity Lens - Issue 9

Diversity Lens

Welcome to Diversity Lens, the newsletter from BAME Recruitment and! We’re excited to be bringing you all the latest news and opinions about recruitment and the world of diversity and inclusion.
Latest News

Ireland for the Win!
It’s an historic week for Northern Ireland as same sex marriage has now been made legal there. Thousands of LGBTQ+ people and straight allies have been campaigning for years to legalise same sex marriage and gain equal rights in Northern Ireland. The first set of marriages are expected to take place around Valentine’s Day given that couples must give notice of intention to marry 28 days before doing so. This is another big step in the right direction for Northern Ireland in achieving equality for all. Click the photo to read more.

“What’s going on with the film awards?”
The film awards season is upon us and alongside the glitz and glamour came increasing concern over the lack of diversity and inclusion within the BAFTA nominations. We looked to the ‘Everest’ of the award season to salvage the situation, but unfortunately the Oscar nominations have been released and this has added further fuel to the fire. The Academy has been criticised for including very few people of colour in their nominations, particularly within the main categories. Additionally, movies that have been directed by women have been ‘snubbed’ once again. It was thought that the Academy was still in damage control mode after the #OscarsSoWhite debacle a few years ago but it seems #OscarsSoWhite the sequel is coming to a cinema near us. Steve McQueen, Academy Award winner and director of 12 Years a Slave, said that that lack of diversity could ruin the credibility and reduce overall interest of the BAFTA’s and Oscars, just as the Grammy’s have experienced. The same goes for the Golden Globes, where host ‘Ricky Gervais’ joked about how racist the Hollywood Foreign press are during the ceremony.
This also begs the question whether the Academy themselves need to consider an overhaul of their decision makers. Surely more diversity 'in the room' will help further the quest for inclusivity and equality in Hollywood and beyond? Click the photo to read more.

Diversity and Inclusion Insights
Why and How Introversion Should be a Part of Diversity and Inclusion
Researchers estimate that anywhere between 16-50% of people are introverts, with many agreeing that introversion is a genetic personalty trait. Unfortunately, one expert has found that 98% of introverts feel reproached or maligned at work, and when introverts feel like they don’t belong, it can have a serious impact on your company’s diversity and inclusion efforts — especially for introverts from other underrepresented groups. During his talk at Talent Connect 2019 global keynote speaker, Glen Cathey shared his own experience as an introvert at work, as well as his tips for building a hiring process and workplace that welcomes introverts and extroverts alike. To read about his tips click on the photo below.

Get girls in STEM
Actions speak louder than words and the Department of Education has granted £2.4 million to fund the ‘Gender Balance in Computer’ research project. The project is aimed at specifically improving the participation of girls in computing. Part of the issue of girls not being inspired to venture into computing partly stems from fewer roles models that look like them. A study by the University of Roehampton showed that only 20% of GCSE and 10% of A level Computer Science candidates were girls. With such low numbers it’s great news to see the DoE put such significant funding into helping tackle the problem. ‘Gender Balance in Computing’ is one of these funded programmes – as part of an overall £84 million package to improve computing education in England by providing support for computing teachers at all levels. Over 15,000 students and 550 schools across England will be involved in the trials, which will run from 2019–2022 in key stages 1–4. Click on the photo for more details.

Story of the Week

A Cookie Empire - Yummy Brothers
Talk about starting them in the workplace young - four African American brothers from Atlanta, Georgia all under the age of 11 have started their own business, ‘Yummy Brothers’. They have a gourmet catering company that sell good old yummy cookies and other products include dog treats and beverages. The yummy cookie recipes, which were handed down from their great grandmother, started as a family hobby but when the amazing reviews from friends and family kept coming in they decided to turn this into a ‘yummy business’ which now offers 36 different types of cookies. So far, they’ve sold 400,000 and counting. The buck doesn’t stop there they’ve ventured into another business ‘Kidpreneurexpo’ which is focused on helping other kids start businesses. As the old saying goes if you want to go fast go alone, to go far go together, this is truly an inspiring story. For more information on these Yummy brothers click on the photo below.

Featured Video

Who is Your Inspiration?
At BAME Recruitment, we've created a series of short videos highlighting people that inspire our team members. This episode Marketing Assistant, Naomi talks about her inspiration - his holiness the Dalai Lama and his promotion of #MakeADifference. Click on the video below.
Who is your inspiration - Naomi x Dalai Lama

Inspirational Person of the Week

Valerian Spicer
Some of our team were fortunate to attend a motivational talk on physical and mental strength by Valerian Spicer this week. Valerian is an international female amateur boxer and although now retired, she has had an extraordinary career. Valerian has competed internationally amid some of the most successful boxers in the world and has beaten 3 Olympians, fought her way through 64 bouts, taken part in 2 Commonwealth Games, 2 World Championships, 1 Pan American Games and she won the ABA National Championship. What is particularly impressive about this incredible athlete is that she didn't begin boxing until the age of 30! Another testament to her resilience was shown when Valerian competed in her second Commonwealth Games just 5 months and 28 kilos after giving birth to her son.
After hanging up her gloves in April 2018, Valerian is now dedicated to helping train others through boxing and overall fitness. For many she is extraordinarily inspirational, especially considering her late start in the ring and the achievements she has enjoyed. For more information about Valerian Spicer and Valerian Spicer Fitness, click on the photo below.

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