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13 Aug 2021

Diversity Lens - Issue 89

Aug 13

Diversity Lens - Issue 89

Welcome to Diversity Lens.
Diversifying your news consumption.

We're big proponents of knowing where your news comes from, knowing whose voice is being platformed, and whose is being erased.

In our story of the week below, the experiences of transgender people are spotlighted and their struggles validated. Despite what much of mainstream media may lead you to believe, the 'trans agenda' is not taking over, in fact the trans community are often being left behind.

We need to listen firsthand to the people who are experiencing these issues, who are subjected to transphobia everyday and the systems which reinforce it. The below documentary is a good place to start.
"The UK Has a Trans Healthcare Crisis | Transnational" VICE
The NHS is one of the most highly-esteemed and well-loved British institutions. We're known for, and pride ourselves on, our free healthcare for everyone - but transgender people are being left behind. They're faced with years on a waitlist for resources such as puberty blockers. Shockingly, England has just one youth gender identity clinic - the Tavistock Centre.
"The good thing about our battle is we can't do anything else, we can't say 'there is a bit of opposition there, maybe we'll stop being trans, do something else'. This is our life."
Felix was referred to the Tavistock Centre at 14 years old and faced a hefty 3 year wait before he was able to just speak to a doctor, by then he was too old to access the youth clinics and faced a further wait to be transferred to an adult clinic.

In this Vice documentary, Freddy McConnell speaks to the trans people living in 'limbo' whilst waiting for healthcare and how this neglect is fuelled by anti-trans media circus.
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The Rainbow Railroad Is helping LGBTQ+ people flee persecution
Rainbow Railroad is a global non-profit that helps LGTBQIA+ people facing imminent danger in their home country. They operate by selecting effective routes to safety and connecting with local contacts who can provide logistical support; they provide transportation to the destination country and immediate post-travel support. Rainbow Railroad has helped over 1,600 LGBTQIA+ people find safety.Read time: 3 minutes
Prison Break’s Wentworth Miller opens up about autism diagnosis
49-year-old actor Wentworth Miller shared his official diagnosis with Instagram followers recently. He talks about the arduous process of attaining a diagnosis, joining the autistic community in middle age and re-examining his lived experiences through ‘a new lens’. Miller has previously been vocal about pressure to ‘erase his gayness’ in acting roles. His candidness is inspiring.
Read time: 2.5 minutes
Meet the group breaking down barriers for Black female cyclists in London
Since 2018, it has been reported that only 7% of London's cyclists are people of colour and that men are three times more likely to cycle than women. Challenging this statistic, Karen Safo-Barnieh has created Black Girls Do Bike London: a social group that welcomes cyclists of all levels to go on inclusive rides around the city. Read time: 4 minutes
Starter salaries rising amid candidate shortages
Rising demand for staff, and smaller candidate pools, mean starting salaries are increasing. A severe drop in candidates has occurred due to "concerns over job security, a lack of European workers due to Brexit, and a generally low unemployment rate". Job seekers are urged to take advantage of this hiring surge and bounce in salaries, regaining some power in an all-too-often fraught process of job hunting.Read time: 3.5 minutes
Supporting mums to develop the digital skills needed to build an exciting new career
Worrying evidence shows that mothers are at particular risk of having their jobs replaced by automation. Research by Nestareveals that 1 in 4 mothers won’t apply for a role due to outdated skills and 1 in 5 mothers have been turned down for a role for the same reason. To combat this, Nesta set up 'Digital Mums' with the aim to offer a range of online learning options with a focus on digital skills.Read time: 6.5 minutes

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