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23 Jul 2022

Diversity Lens - Issue 86

Jul 23

Diversity Lens - Issue 86

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"Robin DiAngelo Wants White Progressives to Look Inward" The New Yorker
This week's Changemaker is the timely and influential author, Robin DiAngelo. Her book White Fragility has had a resurgence of popularity since last year's Black Lives Matter movement due to it's exploration of many white people's discomfort on talking about race and how this perpetuates systematic racism.

This year the author has published a new book, Nice Racism which edifies that even white progressives can have blind-spots on racism "in the workplace, the classroom, houses of worship, gentrifying neighbourhoods and community groups."
"All white people have absorbed racist ideology, and it shapes the way we see the world and the way we see ourselves in the world"
DiAngelo has given workshops at major corporations such as Amazon and Facebook since last year's global protests which has led many people to self-reflect and ponder how they may help and/or hinder social progression.
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World champion para-athlete left angry after official said her shorts were 'too revealing'

Sprinter and long jumper Olivia Breen was left shocked after being told to wear "more appropriate" shorts. Breen wears a kind of high waisted bikini bottom to compete which make her feel comfortable and as light as possible. She believes male athletes would not be subject to the same scrutiny in their clothing.
Meanwhile, the Norwegian women’s handball team are ironically fined for covering up TOO much by wearing shorts.Read time: 2.5 minute
EU’s top court rules Muslim employees could be banned from wearing headscarves in some contexts

After two Muslim women in Germany were suspended for wearing their hijab at work, the EU court has justified a workplace ban under the pretence that workers may need to present a so-called “neutral image” in certain work environments.
"Europe’s obsession with Muslim women’s clothing choices is entwined with Islamophobia, racism and misogyny"Read time: 3.5 minute
Lewis Hamilton racially abused online after British Grand Prix win

Hours after winning the British Grand Prix on Sunday, Hamilton was targeted with sickening racial abuse online. Hamilton is an outspoken anti-racist activist and had publicly condemned the recent abuse of England's Black football players. Hamilton remains the only person of colour currently driving in Formula One.Read time: 3 minute
UK organisations have a long way to go with diversity and inclusion

Less than half of organisations in the UK are actually putting Diversity and Inclusion programmes into practice according to the 2021 Global Culture Report. 47% of those surveyed have expressed the belief that their organisations are more concerned in mitigating risk rather than promoting and utilising differences.Read time: 2 minutes
Why do we buy into the 'cult' of overwork?

Overworking culture is currently thriving and despite, contrary expectations, has been fuelled by homeworking and a rise in entrepreneurism. Long, unsocial hours, exhaustion and burnout are often seen as markers of a successful business person. Despite our increased awareness of burnout and its mental health implications, overworking is still glorified in our culture.

Now feels like a perfect time to overthrow this perception as our working models are re-examined.Read time: 10 minutes

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