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10 Jan 2020

Diversity Lens - Issue 8

Jan 10

Diversity Lens - Issue 8

Diversity Lens

Welcome to Diversity Lens, the newsletter from BAME Recruitment and! We’re excited to be bringing you all the latest news and opinions about recruitment and the world of diversity and inclusion.

Latest News
Marvel to release a movie with a transgender superhero
Marvel Studios President, Kevin Feige has revealed that a transgender superhero is in the makings for the Disney studio. Marvel has been criticised previously for its lack of diversity, however plans for its films to reflect a wider audience are moving to the forefront of Marvel initiatives. Feige says: "We want the movies to reflect the audience and we want every member of our global audience to see themselves reflected on the screen." This year Marvel will introduce the first gay character and the first deaf character in the upcoming 'The Eternals'. In addition, Marvel also made the announcement of its first Asian-American superhero, in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. We are excited to see what the future holds for Marvel,Click Here to read more.

Diversity and Inclusion Insights
The complete guide to technical hiring and D&I
Ever needed a refresher for all the terminology for D&I? Experts Jennifer Kim and Jason Wong break down all the common terms and pitfalls within the tech industry. The tech industry is increasingly powerful, however it does not reflect the wider population. Within the US only 26% of the tech industry identifies as female, and only 4% identifies as Black, Latinx and Native American. To read more and find out solutions to common business mistakes such as bias, and non-inclusive hiring, click on the photo below.

Uber's D&I report reveals a 43% increase in female employees
The latest D&I report from Uber revealed a significant increase globally for women. Moreover the number of females in leadership roles grew 7.1%. Other highlights of the report include an increase in Black/African American and Hispanic/Latinx employee populations, which grew by 44.5% and 73.5%, respectively, most notably in tech, up 65.0% and 74.3%, respectively. Check out Uber's D&I report and what they're doing to support the D&I initiative by clicking on the picture below.

Story of the Week
Mattel releases new line of 'scientist Barbies' with dolls dressed as marine biologists, astrophysicists and more
Ecologist Nalini Nadkarni was frustrated with the lack of Barbie dolls promoting scientific careers. In response she created several different Barbies in scientist-explorer uniforms, which she would sell on her website privately. As a successful ecologist, Nadkarni had a good relationship with National Geographic, so when Mattel wanted to do a co-production she knew what she wanted to ask for. Mattel honoured Nakarni's intuitiveness and created a line of scientist Barbies, including a personalised Barbie modelled after Nadkarni herself. To read more, click the photo below.

Featured Video
In this entertaining and insightful video The Valuable 500 highlights how, despite many companies saying 'Diversity' is at the forefront of their mindset, disability is rarely included within this plan. It's reported that only 4% of companies actively recruit with disability in mind. The Valuable 500 was founded by previous inspirational person of the week, Caroline Casey who is an activist for disability voices.
The Valuable 500 - Diversish

Inspirational Person of the Week

Hung Lee
Hung Lee is a talent acquisition expert and the founder of 'Recruiting Brainfood' a leading newsletter for recruiters. The mission of Recruiting Brainfood aims to help recruiters get better by sharing great recruiting / HR content from lesser known sources in a once-a-week email.
Hung was inspired by the overwhelming nature of the modern email system. His aim was to create a simple bite-size informational service that could be useful for recruiters. The results were extremely successful, with Lee gaining over 18K subscribers in less than 2 years.
Lee uses the platform not just to provide information but also to address problems within the industry, support positive change and promote inclusive practices that benefits everyone. He believes that the future of recruiting is going to rely on recruiters who are able to build strong relationships with large numbers of candidates before the need to hire. Using Recruiting Brainfood as a vehicle, he attempts to create a more lasting and reciprocal relationship with candidates. In addition to Recruiting Brainfood Lee has also developed a platform targeting candidates in the tech industry. For information about Hung Lee and a link to the Recruiting Brainfood website, click on the photo below.

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