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28 May 2021

Diversity Lens - Issue 78

May 28

Diversity Lens - Issue 78

Welcome to Diversity Lens.
Diversifying your news consumption.

This week Dominic Cummings referenced a Spiderman meme in parliament... did you ever think you'd see the day?

If that doesn't doesn't sound like the most important thing you need to know this week, read on for the rest of our stories...
Peter Tatchell: What you need to know about the LGBTQ+ activist ahead of Netflix documentary
"He deserves recognition for his extraordinary contribution to the happiness of millions who've never heard of him" - Stephen Fry
Peter Tatchell, the "anarchic hero" you may never have heard of; a human rights campaigner and a bold frontrunner of LGBTQ+ activism. Now a Netflix documentary starring Sir Ian Mckellen with Sir Elton John as a producer.

Tatchell conducted elaborate, and often effective, publicity stunts such as organising sit-ins in restaurants that refused to serve gay people, and disrupting an Easter sermon to condemn their homophobia.

We're talking about a time when homosexuality was labelled a ‘medical illness’ and these kind of acts were radical.

His extreme methods garnered criticism from both sides, and lost him allies in the process. However, it is without doubt that we would not be where we are today without his tireless endeavours.
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George Floyd anniversary: Joe Biden meets family as US embassies fly Black Lives Matter flag
As this week marks a year since George Floyd's murder by former police officer, Derick Chauvin, embassies across the United States to fly the Black Lives Matter flag. In addition, the late victim's family are partaking in other commemorative acts including can hour long meeting with president Joe Biden at the White House. This comes after Biden missed the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act deadline, originally set for this week.(Read time: 6 minutes)
Trans youth less likely to experience suicidal ideation when their gender is affirmed
Official figures back up what we already know - supporting trans youth saves lives. The Trevor Project found that trans and non-binary youth who live in supportive environments where their gender identity is respected are half as likely to try and take their own life. Gender markers on official documents were also hugely significant for youth considering suicide, yet so few are able to make this legal change.(Read time: 2.5 minutes)
London Jews suffer horrific rise in anti-Semitic attacks
Anti-semitic hate crimes have increased 500% in two weeks following the violence perpetrated by Israel against Palestine. However, the support of Palestine is absolutely no excuse for antisemitism, and can only be used to mask deep-rooted discrimination. The Palestine Solidarity Campaign has condemned hate crimes against the Jewish community.

While real and terrible hate crimes are taking place against Jewish people, we must be careful to not conflate anti-Zionism with antisemitism.(Read time: 3 minutes)
Do you have a fear of returning to the office?

Would you give into a mandated return to the office? The office suffered a tough blow since we realised we could work in pyjamas and put a wash on during a coffee break. But it's damage was perhaps not irrevocable.

While we were teased, perhaps prematurely, of the ‘death of the office’, we’re hearing more and more about a return to ‘normal'.(Read time: 3 minutes)
Focus on your career path: Explore options to succeed

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Understand how your skills match with different industries and what a career plan can do for you.
Pride in Education - LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Education

Come and join this 3 day global LIVE conference looking at many aspects of LGBTQ+ inclusion and celebration in education. There will be a mixture of keynotes, panel presentations, research, knowledge sharing and workshops over the 11th, 12th and 13th of June. Save your spot.

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