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21 May 2022

Diversity Lens - Issue 77

May 21

Diversity Lens - Issue 77

Welcome to Diversity Lens.
Diversifying your news consumption.

Lockdown has meant an increased amount of time dedicated to social media, and with it, increased engagement in current events. From documenting instances of police brutality; to covering multiple causes of public protest, social media has magnified this coverage.

However has more coverage desensitised us to these events or has this increased visibility applied more pressure for our society to change?

In our featured story below, we touch on the most concerning story dominating public attention right now, spurred on by social media outrage - and rightly so. But what we mustn't forget is to educate and inform ourselves & others, and not stop at performative action through clicks alone.

We must put in the work and guard against all oppression - read on to make a start.

"It’s not a ‘conflict’: how to talk about Palestine" DazedDigital

A common theme in the media reporting of the situation in Gaza comes with using the misnomer ‘conflict.’ What is happening to the people of Palestine is violent oppression, not conflict. There’s systemic military violence on one side, and civilian lives being lost on the other.

The nation-state of Israel and the Jewish people are not inseparable, significant numbersfrom the Jewish community condemn the actions of Israel and stand in solidarity with Palestine. The wave of antisemitism that coincided with the Palestinian solidarity protests in the UK is unconscionable. We stand in solidarity with Palestinian and Jewish people while condemning the violence perpetrated by Israel.

While the ceasefire agreed to overnight is a relief, it is not a solution to the long-term oppression of Palestinians.

Our featured article details ways in which you can be an ally against oppression and avoid the pitfalls of antisemitism and islamophobia.

(Read time: 9 minutes)

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Little Mix star Leigh-Anne Pinnock's BBC One documentary Race, Pop & Power demands change
Leigh-Anne speaks on racism and colourism in the UK, and being 'the black girl' in a band.
The Muslim punk sitcom breaking new ground
Lady Parts is a new comedy series about an all-female punk rock band of the same name. The story is semi-relative to screenwriter Nida Mazoor's experience who grew up in London with fondness for the genre and its fashion. The series' debut resonates with the current zeitgeist as new voices are finally being heard. We are Lady Parts is available now on All 4.
(Read time: 7 minutes)
New York City Pride bans police from marching until 2025
NYC Pride wants to create 'safer spaces' for their communities. The move to ban police participation in Pride for 5 years is a radical gesture of support for the BIPOC queer community. In the face of rising police brutality and homophobic hate crimes, NYC Pride sets a bold example.
(Read time: 2 minutes)
THIS WEEK IN D&I... launches on TikTok

A couple weeks ago we quietly joined TikTok – or so we thought. Our first video now has hundreds of thousands of views.

Our team members are using the platform to fill a demand, sharing job searching tips, work advice & promoting inclusive workplaces. Topics we've covered so far include words to avoid on your CV, what to ask at the end of the interview, and how to spot an inclusive workplace.

Got a question or topic you want us to cover? Feel free to request it and we'll do our best to get to it.

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