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16 Apr 2022

Diversity Lens - Issue 72

Apr 16

Diversity Lens - Issue 72

Welcome to Diversity Lens.
Diversifying your news consumption.

Can you taste it? There is something of a pre-COVID normality on the horizon...

Whether setting foot in a non-essential shop awakens your anxiety, or you've been stationed at the pub since Monday, you can't deny the air of optimism awoken this week.

Is your brain fog beginning to lift yet?

UK Government’s LGBT advisory panel disbands after three members resign

The panel, initially set up in 2018, aimed to provide insight on issues and policies concerning the LGBTQ+ community. Since its instating, 3 advisors have quit: 1 cited “ignorance” and hostility on behalf of ministers about LGBTQ+ issues. Two more followed suit with similar reasoning, accusing the UK government of "persistent and worsening hostility towards our community".

This disappointing news coincides with the release of a key report on LGBTQ+ youth homelessness. It found, among many other concerning stats, that half of LGBTQ+ young people feared that expressing their queer identity to family would lead to them being evicted. More must be done urgently to tackle this key issue, just one LGBTQ+ priority area of many for our government.
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Women with disabilities 'groped and not taken seriously'

"Women ask if I need help and offer an arm to direct me, men have taken the opposite arm and groped me."
Shockingly, disabled women are almost twice as likely to have experienced sexual assault than non-disabled women. The perceived vulnerability of these women make them a target when out alone.(Read time: 4 minutes)
LISTEN: Ouch - ‘Friendly fire’ in my brain led to me being wrongly sectioned

Listen to the extraordinary story of Model Lucy Dawson; her rare immune condition was misdiagnosed as a mental health breakdown, and her treatment on a psychiatric ward led to a permanent physical disability. Now a disability advocate, Dawson talks about her experience in hospital and her modelling career, always pictured alongside her mobility aids.
(Listen time: 28 minutes)
‘I felt humiliated’: Parents respond to NHS maternity care racial bias inquiry

Did you know that Black women are 4 times more likely than white women to die during pregnancy or childbirth? Women of colour have also reported being pressured into medical procedures, denied pain relief, and feeling unsafe and stereotyped. Following a successful charity campaign, parliament is due to debate this issue next week.
(Read time: 4.5 minutes)
Government recruits job coaches to help young people facing barriers to work

Fear is mounting around the 'scarring' effects of youth unemployment. The Department for Work and Pensions has recruited 150 youth employability coaches in an effort to get young people back on the job ladder. 19-24 year olds will be eligible for “intensive support and mentoring training” to overcome barriers to work.(Read time: 2 minutes)
What Sesame Street can teach us about overcoming impostor syndrome

Ever felt just like big bird? Let me rephrase; ever felt like you're standing out in a crowd, covered in yellow feathers? Maybe you feel like the odd one out at work, surrounded by more worthwhile colleagues? Imposter syndrome can affect anyone. Take a look at these ABCs to helping your employees or colleagues overcome feelings of inadequacy.(Read time: 4 minutes)

Genesis Sun Chapter 1: Inspire Brighter Futures

An Evening of Motivational Fusion. Hosted by DJ Day Day streaming on YouTube.
Ever wondered how people you admire have achieved their success? Or how to make the right impression when the next great career opportunity arises? This is the event for you. Experience an evening of motivation and entertainment to energise and uplift your spirits. A music quiz and luxury giveaways courtesy of Goldgenie. Save your space for free and learn how to succeed in a world that is holding you back. April 22nd, 6:30pm.
Ted Brown:
The man who held a mass kiss-in and made history

“I was thrilled to be among people who were proud and open about who they were, who were ‘out’ and fired up to encourage others to be so, too.”
Ted Brown - organiser of the first UK pride, pioneering activist, founder of Black Lesbians and Gays Against Media Homophobia, to name just a few of his accolades. The first official Gay Pride took place in 1972. Ted Brown was one of the few Black people in attendance. However, the Gay Liberation Front, organisers of that first historic Pride, and the civil rights movement at that time were intrinsically connected - for Ted even more so. The GLF saved Brown at a time of hopelessness in his life and he in turn led them to several landmark achievements. Now, following his extraordinary activist career, Brown no longer attends Pride which he believes has strayed too far from its original aims, but focuses his energy on the treatment of trans people in today's media.
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