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19 Mar 2021

Diversity Lens - Issue 68

Mar 19

Diversity Lens - Issue 68

Welcome to Diversity Lens.
Diversifying your news consumption.

When a news item breaks, social media becomes a challenge. This week it was Sarah Everard’s story, and those giving voice to their own experiences.

Being confronted with your own privilege can cause distress. Distress can lead to becoming defensive, completely shutting ourselves out of a change in view that - however slight - could prove revolutionary.

On self-reflection, I realised that action is what is needed most.
I can personally take action to educate my son. Not just in childhood or adolescence, but for the rest of my time with him... read Neil's thoughts in full.
‘An insult to women’ – Everyone hates the UK’s plan to put undercover cops in clubs
It's been a terrifying couple of weeks for many women. Following International Women's Day, misogyny, condescension and violence against women have been rife.

Following the Sarah Everard vigil hijacked by police, an anti-protest bill is being ushered in that severely restricts the basic right to protest injustices.

If this wasn't enough, we are now faced with what many have seen as a laughable so-called 'solution' to violence against women - undercover police officers in bars and clubs. Many have pointed out the absurdity of this choice at a time of nationwide outrage over the murder of a woman at the alleged hands of a police officer. The quote below by a campaigner for safer nightlife says it all.
“We’ve trained thousands of bar staff to understand and respond to sexual harassment and not a single one has ever said, ‘You know what would really help us feel safer? Undercover police in our workplace’.” - Bryony Beynon
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In Other News...
EU declared 'LGBT freedom zone' in response to Poland's 'LGBT-free zones'
Poland has now established dozens of "LGBT ideology-free zones" with gay people in these areas forced to move out, live in secret, or fight back. In response, the EU has declared that 'LGBTIQ persons everywhere in the EU should enjoy the freedom to live without fear'.
Read more... (2 minutes)
There were 3,800 anti-Asian racist incidents, mostly against women, in past year

Anti-Asian hate incidents have soared in the past year, undoubtedly considerably more than the reported figure. The latest incident, the Atlanta shootings, has brought home the alarming rise in discrimination, particularly against women. It is likely that sexism and racism stereotypes mean Asian women are seen as vulnerable targets. The root cause of this violence must be addressed and treated more seriously urgently.
Read more... (5.5 minutes)
Irish Travellers say UK blacklist a 'campaign of discrimination'

Following the recent uncovering of surname discrimination designed to refuse entry to Irish people, a movement has been kickstarted for Irish Travellers. Described as their ‘Me Too’ moment by campaigners, many say this is just the tip of the iceberg of everyday racism against UK Travellers. The new policing bill also threatens their ability to reside legally.
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This Week in D&I...
A third of women hide menopause symptoms at work – report
Menopause still carries massive stigma in the workplace - despite 63% of menopausal people reporting that their working life has been negatively affected by symptoms. Companies such as Channel 4 and Vodaphone have recently made public their efforts to support employees experiencing menopause - a vital move toward workplace equality.Read more... (2 minutes)
Upcoming Events...
Getting on Board: Securing Your NED role

We are delighted to partner once again with TLA Black Women in Tech with this important event. Our panel discussion will revolve around securing a role as a Non-Executive Director, particularly if you do not often see yourself represented at Board level. Our panelists on April 8th will discuss tips, tricks, lived experiences and barriers they have faced. Save your space.
Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education: Intelligent Lives

CSIE has been supporting people with disabilities and learning difficulties for 39 years. They are hosting a free film screening of Intelligent Lives followed by a panel discussion asking, what are the implications of the label “learning difficulties”? And can any attempt to measure intelligence predict a person's value? Join in the conversation.
Video of the Week...
Imagine a world | SAFE SPACES NOW | UN Women UK
What if women and girls felt safer in public spaces?
Changemaker of the Week...
Ellie Challis: Changing perceptions and chasing medals
"You underestimate her at your peril." Ellie Challis suffered from Meningitis as a small child, resulting in the amputation of both her lower arms and legs. Yet she grew up with a determination and passion for sport - she's dabbled in athletics, snowboarding, football, trampolining and more. She has been proving others wrong about her percieved limitations her whole life.

Now, firmly committed to swimming, Challis is the only elite British female in her class. Through lockdown and the subsequent delay of the olympics, Challis has continued to become faster and stronger, and is eager to impress at the Paralympic trials next month. She'll definitely be one to watch.

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