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12 Mar 2021

Diversity Lens - Issue 67

Mar 12

Diversity Lens - Issue 67

Welcome to Diversity Lens.
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What did you do this International Women's Day? It's not too late to celebrate - scroll down to catch up on Monday's inspiring event.

The week's biggest event was inarguably the royal interview with Oprah. We want to take this opportunity once again to say: believe women's struggle with mental health, and encounters with racism.

Follow our socials for more commentary. Keep on reading for stories that may have eluded you this week.

Why this teen set up a prize-winning fake cosmetics shop

During the pandemic, reports of domestic violence have risen to unprecedented levels. However, to report on such cases poses a high risk to the victim's welfare were the report to reach their perpetrator.

In April last year, 17-year-old Krystyna Paszko created a fake online shop that allows victims to pose as customers and therefore safely voice requests for help by appearing to be shopping online. Camomiles and Pansies has earned Paszko a European Union prize with an additional cash reward of £8,700.

So far 350 victims have contacted the website. BBC's Adam Easton reports.
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In Other News...
How England became an ‘alarming’ outlier in its treatment of trans children

Though public understanding of transgender people and gender dysphoria is at an all-time high, ease of medical treatment is regressing. Puberty blockers can no longer be prescribed to young people without high court approval and there are 'extreme' waiting times for any treatment. The appeal for puberty blockers will be heard in March 2022.Read more... (5.5 minutes)
Grammys organisation to launch a study on women’s representation in music

In late 2020, nominations for the prestigious awards revealed just 23% identified as women. The Recording Academy, the body behind the Grammys, will investigate claims of systemic sexism. Results are expected by early next year.Read more... (1.5 minutes)
Idris Elba and Naomi Campbell sign letter backing gay rights in Ghana

A group of 67 influential names, most with Ghanaian heritage, sign an open letter in support of Ghana’s LGBTQ+ community. This follows the closure of an influential community centre in the country due to mounting religious pressure. The centre was raided by police and leaders forced into hiding, prompting concern over in the UK.

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This Week in D&I...
The pregnant women being forced out of the workplace

Joeli Brearley founded the charity Pregnant Then Screwed after being fired via voicemail the day after she informed her boss of her pregnancy. The charity runs a legal advice helpline which has recently increased in activity exponentially, the fear being that the pandemic is being used as an excuse to remove pregnant women or mothers from their organisations.
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Video of the Week...
LNER: International Womens Day
"When I first started, I didn't think there were any women on the railway at all", says Traindriver Trudy. Now, "there's opportunities at every level for women"
Miss our International Women's Day event? Catch up now!
Our CEO Cynthia Davis chats candidly with four brilliant female entrepreneurs. These women are experts in the fields of retail, skincare, neuromarketing & branding, and career development.
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