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26 Feb 2021

Diversity Lens - Issue 65

Feb 26

Diversity Lens - Issue 65

Welcome to Diversity Lens.
Diversifying your news consumption.

Have you ever been more excited about a roadmap? There may be twists and turns awaiting us but we're slowly and surely en route to some form of normality.

As we trudge on in the meantime, this week marks the end of LGBTQ+ History Month, and another sign that you should get round to watching It's A Sin if you're one of the few who hasn't yet. And while you're waiting for June 12th, you might as well keep reading for our weekly news roundup...

Ian Rankin: 'Why does it take celebrity voices for disabled people to be heard?'
People with learning disabilities have not largely been regarded as a vulnerable group during the pandemic. This has led to many not being considered a priority to be vaccinated despite the risk of death from coronavirus being 3.7 times greater for people with medically diagnosed learning disabilities than for those without.

Ian Rankin - a crime writer and father to a son who suffers from Angelman syndrome - tells the Guardian about this lack of visibility and how the new social distancing measures has led to painful traid-offs between safety and contact. Rankin speaks out about feeling “forgotten” by politicians and the media, while popular DJ Jo Wiley also describes the "nightmare" of being offered the vaccine before her sister, who has a learning disability and diabetes.
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In Other News...
Rocks romps home at British independent film awards
Teen drama Rocks set in East London has emerged triumphant from the BIFAs, winning a total of 5 awards. Two teen actresses made their debut in the film who have since been vocal about the lack representation in the industry. The film was made up of mostly female cast and crew.Read more... (2 minutes)
Netflix to adapt Lupita Nyong’o children’s book ‘Sulwe’ into an animated musical

Luptia Nyogo's Sulwe follows a child "who has skin darker than anyone she knows", taken on a magical, enlightening journey that makes her realise her own beauty. The inspiration behind the story came from Nyogo's own experience of colourism growing up: "I rarely saw anyone who looked like me in aspirational pages of books", she admits.Read more... (2.5 minutes)
This Week in D&I...
All-male boards disappear across FTSE 350 companies

A gender equity milestone has been reached this week as figures show that all-male boards are on their way out the door. Men only boards have expired in FTSE 350 with female representation on the rise, yet campaigners stress caution amid the threat the pandemic presents to gender equality. The progress is 'fragile' but should be a cause for celebration nonetheless.
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Upcoming Events...

Entrepreneurs Uncovered: Women Changing the Game


In honour of International Women’s Day (March 8th), join our CEO Cynthia Davis, who will be chatting candidly with four brilliant female entrepreneurs. These women are experts in the fields of retail, skincare, neuromarketing & branding, and career development.

So get comfy, grab a drink, and discover the highs and lows of establishing your own brand, with the chance to get your burning questions answered. Save your space here.

Video of the Week...
My God, I’m Queer
Is it 'okay to be gay and Muslim'? Produced by the Naz and Matt Foundation charity.
Changemaker of the week...

Mike Beuttler - Formula 1's only known gay male driver
"Why would Beuttler be out and proud? He wouldn't. I don't think the word 'out' really existed when he was racing."
In the early 1970s, Mike Beuttler was at the top of his Formula 1 game, before disappearing suddenly from the public eye. It was later announced that Beuttler, the only known gay male driver to have competed at the highest level of motorsport, had died of AIDS at the age of 48. F1 was a notoriously 'macho' environment in the 70s, with many drivers having 'womaniser' reputations - being openly gay wasn't an option.

Several motorsport drivers have come out as gay since the loss of Beuttler, and Racing Pride was launched in 2019 to promote LGBTQ+ inclusivity. Beuttler is remembered as one of the great LGBTQ+ sporting heroes.
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