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05 Feb 2021

Diversity Lens - Issue 62

Feb 5

Diversity Lens - Issue 62

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This week we celebrate the beginnings of LGBTQ+ History Month with a timely revival of queer love letters, whilst remembering the queer advocates that came before us. As the UK lockdown stubbornly persists, youth mental health becomes a priority for campaigners. Amid the record-breaking success of It's A Sin, the cast urge HIV testing this National HIV Testing Week. In other streaming news, don't miss the latest documentary on disabled activism.


Connecting The Letters: A new campaign from House Of Pride

#ConnectingTheLetters is a campaign for LGBTQ+ History Month 2021, supported by Royal Mail. 5 queer celebrities (confirmed so far) will each write love letters to the LGBTQ+ community throughout the month. Support the campaign and you'll receive a personalised note each week, and be encouraged to write your own love letter. All profits go to Stonewall Housing.
Get involved.
The untold stories of LGBTQ+ seniors

Our collective focus on the queer youth of today can often be isolating for older members of the LGBTQ+ community. The exhibition Not Another Second is a tribute to the legacy and experiences of the senior advocates of the community - captured in "joyful exuberance". Video testimonies from 12 LGBTQ+ seniors reflect on their experience of queerness, fighting stigma and paving the way for activists today.
Read more... (5 minutes)
Evening Standard launches campaign to fight the crisis in mental health of children during pandemic

The Evening Standard address the growing crisis by announcing their new initiative - Young London SOS. A recent investigation found that 500,000 young people previously mentally healthy, are now in need of support - this is on top of those with previous mental health problems. While shocking, these kind of stats were warned by many experts as we move further into the pandemic. Partnering with Place2Be, the Evening Standard aims to accelerate efforts in providing expert mental health support to schools.Read more... (1.5 minutes)


6 tips for professionals with high-functioning anxiety
"People want to present their best self. It's harder to admit they're struggling."
High-functioning anxiety occurs when we maintain a guise of strict professionalism despite suffering from severe stress. The first and most important step is recognising this in yourself, and adapting your routine accordingly. It can be difficult to set appropriate boundaries for yourself, especially whilst working from home, however it is essential to avoid burn out. Don't skip your lunch breaks and try setting realistic expectations of yourself for each day.Read more... (3.5 minutes)


Did you catch our event with eBay last week?
We were excited to see so many of you join our panel discussion, and get involved in the Q&A. The panel got stuck into the logistics of valuing diversity and inclusion in the workplace, alongside candidate tips and insights into upcoming vacancies in their teams. Don't worry if you missed out, you can still register here and watch the replay.


It’s a Sin's Olly Alexander urges people to get tested this National HIV Testing Week
It is National HIV Testing Week and we want to bring attention to the importance of regular testing, without shame or stigma. You can order a free self-sampling postal kit now and get tested from the safety of your home. Olly Alexander, star of recent TV hit Its a Sin, lends his voice to the cause and points to the major difference between the drama and our current times: “That was AIDS then, and I’d like to talk about HIV now".

In It's A Sin, now breaking streaming records, we see the consequences of AIDS going untreated and undetected in 1980s London, but the early activists have created a different reality for us today. Their fight for research and funding means that we have access to preventative medication, and effective HIV treatment if you do contract the virus. Alexander encourages us to take advantage of the progress made by ordering a test, and knowing your HIV status for good. Read more... (3 minutes)


Silenced: The Hidden Story of Disabled Britain
Cerrie Burnell uncovers the hidden story of how disabled people fought back – and won their freedom.


Caleb Femi
Caleb Femi has risen to public attention recently with his debut book of poetry, Poor, a poignant portrait of the South London neighbourhood he grew up in. Black British youth is Femi's central image, and he sets to work challenging the stereotypes that dominate mainstream media. While he paints a rich image of the severe environment in which he was raised, he adeptly interweaves this with the "fun and colour" of childhood that persisted. While violence is a stable theme throughout Poor, it positions society as the aggressor, who cannot equip disadvantaged communities with the tools they need. The openness and vulnerability of Femi's language challenges the stereotypes of Black British youth, as do the images which are woven throughout the poems.
“I wanted to police the imaginations of people who, when they think about the community the book is about, think of mug shots or violent images”Read more... (8 minutes)

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