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29 Jan 2021

Diversity Lens - Issue 61

Jan 29

Diversity Lens - Issue 61

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This week brings welcome news of Biden's unequivocal move away from the Trump administration in several LGBTQ+ policy decisions. Meanwhile, we see a wheelchair athlete complete a remarkable feat, and the positive effects that 'graphic medicine' can have on our mental health. In inspirational news, the latest Grounded with Louis Theroux is not one to be missed.

Don't forget to check out our new podcast episode on Working Parents, and find an inclusive employer that appreciates the work-life juggling act.


Biden executive orders reverse Trump’s anti-LGBTQ policies

In the first week of his presidency, Biden gets to work reversing many of Trump's misguided policy decisions. His executive orders thus far have signalled a landmark support of LGBTQ+ rights. President Biden has reaffirmed that the Civil Rights Act extends its protection to sexual orientation and gender identity, and has restored policies that protect LGBTQ+ rights in healthcare. Most recently, we have seen a reversal of the transgender military ban. Read more... (5 minutes)
Wheelchair climber hauls himself 250 metres up Hong Kong skyscraper for charity

Lai Chi-wai spent 10 hours climbing a skyscraper, along with his wheelchair. Lai was a four-times Asia rock climbing champion before a car accident paralysed him from the waist down. Now he continues to climb mountains, and now a skyscraper, raising nearly £500K for spinal cord patients.Read more... (2 minutes)
'Verify before you amplify': the BAME activists fighting Covid myths

To tackle vaccine stigma and fear within BAME communities, activists are using social media and community networks to debunk anti-vax theories. Muslim leaders such as Imam Qari Asim (Chair of the Mosques and National advisory Boards) are campaigning to counter claims of false information that can start small, but pervade dangerously across whole communities. 'Verify before you amplify' has become the catchphrase of their efforts.
Read more... (5 minutes)


Sky aims for one in five staff from minority backgrounds by 2025

Sky has pledged that one in five of its staff will be from a minority ethnic background by 2025. This encouraging new recruitment target could lead to 1,500 more Black, Asian and minority ethnic workers being hired. This target, importantly made public, is partly in response to last year’s Black Lives Matter movement.

Read more... (3 minutes)

You Can't Say Anything Anymore!: Working Parents and Caregivers

NEW episode of our podcast out now! In this month's You Can't Say Anything Anymore! we have an open and honest discussion about the juggling act that is the work-life balance as a parent. Can you relate to the struggle? We talk the highs, the lows, and the importance of having an inclusive employer who can support you through it. Listen now and let us know what you think!



We are delighted to sponsor this educational virtual conference on anti-racism. Sessions throughout the day will be made up of presentations, panel discussions, and interactive workshops. Expert speakers will be discussing how feelings of belonging and support can be fostered in educational and work environments. Plus, a segment from the BAME Recruitment team who will be sharing insights into inclusive recruitment, and tips for your job search.

Our subscribers can attend for FREE via this link.


The cartoonists making mental health their muse
Pictured above is a piece from British cartoonist Gemma Correll. This style of art has been termed 'graphic medicine' - injecting humour into experiences of living with an illness, from cancer to eating disorders, to mental health. For Correll, her cartoons are a vehicle to express her feelings of stress and anxiety when words are too hard to find. Many people find they recognise themselves in Correll's comics and share a sense of solidarity with the characters she depicts. Similarly for artist Ellen Forney, her discovery of graphic medicine was a way to work through and manage her bipolar disorder diagnosis.
Dr. Ian Williams was the first to coin the term 'graphic medicine' and created the Graphic Medicine organisation which brings artists and enthusiasts together.Read more... (5 minutes)


British Asian celebrities unite in coronavirus appeal video to 'save lives'
Stars of music, TV and media unite amid the coronavirus pandemic.


FKA Twigs (TW: abuse)
FKA Twigs grew up in Cheltenham, a small predominantly white town in Gloucestershire, England. In a recent podcast interview on Louis Theroux's latest project Grounded, Twigs details her feelings of isolation growing up as a mixed race child and describes her experiences of racism from the age of 4.
"It's a big thing to heal publicly, but I can do it."
In the latter section of Theroux's interview with the pop star, Twigs takes the opportunity to open up about her recent claims of domestic abuse against her former boyfriend. She is determined to use her voice to break down the stigma of talking about domestic abuse and stamp out the "why didn't you leave?" rhetoric that is rooted in victim blaming. Instead, she implores the public to ask the perpetrator, "why are you holding someone hostage through abusive behaviour?" Twigs eventually called a helpline for abused women, and she implores other victims to do the same. In a time when domestic abuse is being fuelled by tight lockdown regulations, Twigs's courageous message is an important and timely one, which might reach those suffering with similar experiences.
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