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22 Jan 2021

Diversity Lens - Issue 60

Jan 22

Diversity Lens - Issue 60

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This week brings news of much-needed mental health reforms.
In other news, a win for disability representation in sport, and a female actor refusing unsubstantial roles. In D&I insights, we look at the working parents balancing act, ageism for over 50s and a podcast to tackle your anxiety. Scroll down for our jobs of the week, and an inspirational coming out story.

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Mental Health Act reforms aim to tackle high rate of black people sectioned

Black people are more than four times more likely to be sectioned. The Mental Health Act is now over 40 years old and is obviously perpetuating racial disparities in our society. The package of reforms proposed include the pilot of ‘culturally appropriate advocates’ to provide a voice for all patients’ needs.

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Zendaya on turning down ‘one-dimensional’ female roles that only help men

Emmy award-winning actress Zendaya reveals the numerous role offers she rejected in 2020 due to the lack of substance written into the characters. In an interview with GQ, Zendaya explains that many of these female characters only served a purpose insofar as they assisted the male character's plot trajectory. “They don’t really have an arc of their own", she says.
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Australian Open: Francesca Jones qualifies for first Grand Slam tournament

British 20-year-old Francesca Jones has a rare genetic condition that means she was born with fewer fingers and toes. To accommodate her condition, Jones plays with a light racquet and very small grip, and dedicates a lot of training to her balance. In her first overseas Grand Slam qualifying draw, she raced to an easy victory in just 61 minutes. Look out for Jones in the Australian Open early next month.
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How's your work-life balance?
Parents across the UK are once again faced with the challenge of homeschooling children amid the demands of their own work. Employers must play their part in making this precarious balance easier, not more strained. Inclusive employers create family-friendly workplaces.

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Over-50s three times more likely to be long-term unemployed, analysis reveals

The same study has found that older people out of work were “more prone to long-term unemployment” than other age groups. Stuart Lewis, founder of Rest Less, has warned that the generation may be pushed into an early retirement that "they neither want nor can afford". These figures are down to age discrimination, candidates branded "over qualified" for roles - a nonsensical excuse. The pandemic has only exacerbated this issue, and there are calls for action from the government.
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Inclusion Bites: Reducing your fear and anxiety
The brilliant and insightful podcast from Diversity & Inclusion leader, Joanne Lockwood welcomes Mark Wingfield in this empowering episode. Mark is a trauma therapist who provides practical techniques and trauma guidance for people struggling with overwhelming feelings of fear and anxiety - universal emotions, especially in these recent times. He says we need the right tools to deal with these emotions and reach our full potential.
Hear more from Mark and Joanne... (1hr)


Why eBay Should be Your Next Move: Panel discussion

BAME Recruitment is delighted to partner with eBay for this informative panel event
and Q&A.

We will hear from Chris Gardner, the Trading Director and D&I Lead at eBay who is passionate about creating open work environments; and Neeti Awasthi, Head of Delivery Experience & Fulfilment Programs, who will provide insight into upcoming opportunities at eBay. Tune in to hear their insights, among other panellists, with moderating from BAME Recruitment's CEO Cynthia Davis. Book your free place now.

Educating OUT Racism - Belonging and Support

We are delighted to sponsor this educational virtual conference on anti-racism. Sessions throughout the day will be made up of presentations, panel discussions, and interactive workshops. Expert speakers will be discussing how feelings of belonging and support can be fostered in educational and work environments. Plus, a segment from the BAME Recruitment team who will be sharing insights into inclusive recruitment, and tips for your job search. Our subscribers can attend for FREE via this link.



'I'm Bengali, my boyfriend was black - and my mum freaked out'

Salma, a young British Bengali woman, shares her experience of falling pregnant and the response this elicited from her family, given the father was Black. Confronted by their anti-Black prejudices and pressured to abort the baby, Salma left her family home.

"Although South Asians have endured racism for centuries, anti-blackness - prejudice against black people - is as rife within this community as in many others."

Bengali culture is influenced by the British colonial system in Bengal at the time which indoctrinated that lighter skin equaled better. Her mother was heavily influenced by this thought system, as well as many harmful stereotypes about Black men. However, she slowly grew to accept Salma and her baby back into the family, and recognise her own anti-Blackness - something sorely needed within the Bengali community, Salma adds.

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When having a seat at the table is not enough | Sameer Gardezi
When Sameer realises he is often the only person of colour in the writer's room, he conducts an experiment.


Marco Lehmann

“I am Marco Lehmann, 3×3 Basketball player and gay”

This week Swiss basketball player Marco Lehmann came out as gay in a beautiful and empowering interview. Determined not to live a double life, he made the leap to share his coming out publicly - not just for himself, he asserts, but for future generations in sport. Importantly, Lehmann discusses the toll keeping this part of his life hidden has taken on his mental health. The incongruence between his personal and professional life took a burden on his wellbeing when, as he puts it, "the happy gay man in a relationship turned into the emotionless pro athlete".

Being gay within the setting of professional team sports still carries a massive stigma, and there are very few role models to point to who are still in the game, out and proud. Lehmann refuses to build on this stigma, and is determined to break the taboo for the next generation of athletes who will face this same decision.

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