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31 Jul 2020

Diversity Lens - Issue 37

Jul 31

Diversity Lens - Issue 37

Diversity Lens

In a rush? This week we look at stereotypes surrounding the jewish community and within the term 'Muslimness'. We feature trailblazing activism from a transgender mountain climber and a frank discussion of disordered eating and anxiety from Ed Sheeran. More informative and inspirational stories below, as well as our jobs of the week - is it time for your new venture?
Latest News

Meet the trailblazing transgender mountain climber who wants to fly the trans Pride flag from the top of Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world
Erin Parisi climbed the tallest mountain in Argentina, holding aloft the transgender pride flag at the peak. She describes the feeling: “I just held it high and proud. I don’t know who noticed or who cared”. Parisi now wants to make history by being the first transgender person to climb the world’s seven summits. She has four peaks down with three to go, nearing the Everest milestone. Read more about her story by clicking the photo below.

Read time: 5 minutes

Wiley anti-Semitism: 'How it feels to be black and Jewish'
Rapper Wiley’s recent outburst of hate speech on social media has brought attention to the antisemitism that exists often unchecked in our society today. This article platforms Black Jewish people, and their outlook on the situation. “The fact is I am a black person, I can also be a Jewish person, I can also be a woman and a vegan”, singer-songwriter Autumn Rowe says. Autumn adds that she has been disappointed with the lack of reaction in the UK music industry to Wiley’s comments. It is important that we all speak up against discrimination of all kinds.

Read time: 3 minutes

AVADO: FastFutures
This week marked the launch of an impressive new initiative from AVADO: FastFutures. FastFutures is a fully-funded digital skills programme created for education-leavers, in order to provide the new job-seekers with essential workplace skills. With the ambitious aim to provide tens of thousands of free places annually, including the prioritisation of underrepresented groups, FastFutures hopes to prevent a skills gap in this generation’s education leavers, as well as address inequalities across workplaces. Learn more and apply by clicking the image below!

'I want people to know that there's no singular way to be a Muslim woman'
Fahmida is a 25-year-old illustrator and queer Muslim. She wants others to understand that ‘Muslimness’ is not a homogenous category and that being Muslim can be just one part of your identity. “We’re a kaleidoscope of intersecting cultures”, Fahmida says, and representation of all kinds is essential for both Muslims and non-Muslims to see. Fahmida’s book uses illustration to reclaim the narrative for Muslim women, available to buy now.

Read time: 4 minutes
Diversity and Inclusion Insights

The Essential Role Of Mental Health For A Diverse, Inclusive Workplace
It has been well-documented that mental health is in a worrying decline in this highly charged cultural period. What is less recognised, is the impact this can have on diversity and inclusion. Inclusive mental health care is not only good ethical practice, but also a “strategic priority”. If employers truly want to rectify their racial inequality, mental health should be made a key focus in the workplace. Read more on recommended practices by clicking the image below.

Read time: 3 minutes
Story of the Week

Ed Sheeran reminds us that eating disorders affect men, too
Ed Sheeran is open about his history of disordered eating, anxiety and addiction, reminding us that eating disorders are not a female-only issue. The prevalence of eating disorders in men has been on the rise, often going undiagnosed and overlooked. While women's diets are prone to scrutiny in the media and wider society, men's diets are not given the same attention, with disordered eating often dismissed as quirks. "We look at the same behaviour very differently when it is a male executive doing it rather than a teenage girl", the article points out, but is optimistic about the change surrounding this topic. Listen to Ed Sheeran discuss his struggle below.
"I have a very addictive personality"
Featured Video

How 'white fragility' reinforces racism
Robin DiAngelo, author of bestselling book White Fragility, discusses what the term means and the significance of it’s impact. “Some defensiveness is natural”, she explains, but the key is to move through this; to move past a place of ‘white comfort’, to engage in tough conversations.
"Our voices have been missing from the table for far too long"
Inspirational Person of the Week

Chelsie Hill
Meet Chelsie Hill, the founder of Rollettes, a wheelchair dance team that aims to empower women with disabilities to live boundlessly. Chelsie grew up dreaming of being a professional dancer, until a drunk driving incident when she was 17 confounded that aspiration. Yet she persevered in following her dreams. She started Rollettes in 2012 and has since performed at NY Fashion Week, inspiring so many more people living with disabilities to be 'boundless'. Hear more from Chelsie by clicking her photo below.

Read time: 9 minutes

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