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26 Jun 2020

Diversity Lens - Issue 32

Jun 26

Diversity Lens - Issue 32

Diversity Lens

In a rush? Our stories this week include first-hand stories from Black trans activists and Black men on their mental health. Read how a CEO faces diversity and a network celebrates diversity in digital health. We bring you unsung stories of the Windrush generation, and of transgender experiences in Hollywood. Don't miss our top tips on allyship and featured jobs of the week - scroll down!
Latest News

Black Trans Lives Matter: 'We're tired of having to pick sides'
Three activists fighting for Black Trans lives share their feelings on the transgender community and Black Lives Matter. Hope, a trans rights organiser, explains how transness is sometimes ignored in the movement. Trans lives should be intentionally included, and protected from the 'epidemic of violence' they are particularly vulnerable to. 

Read time: 8 minutes

The Pepper Pot Centre: A day in the life during COVID-19 from Chair Howard Jeffrey MBE
The Pepper Pot Centre was founded in 1981 with the mission to support the older Caribbean community who were susceptible to loneliness, depression and discrimination. This North Kensington organisation has quickly adapted to the impacts of COVID-19 and continues to respond to the needs of the community. The service provides reliable food deliveries to their targeted members, and also a crucial support mechanism. Their Chair Howard Jeffrey MBE takes us through an average day of operations - click the photo to read.

Read time: 5 minutes

How has the death of George Floyd affected the mental health of young black men in the UK?
Since the killing of George Floyd, the Black, African and Asian Therapy Network has seen the number of people accessing their list of free counselling services available treble. Listen to how three Black men feel recent events have impacted their mental health. The men cite the lack of company response and support in their workplaces as a contributing factor. Click the image below to read their experiences.

Read time: 6 minutes
Diversity and Inclusion Insights

Nielsen CEO explains why he took on the additional role of chief diversity officer
This white CEO decided to embed the role of Chief of Diversity into his own responsibilities. The position of CEO is the most powerful in any business, and diversity and inclusion strategies need as much power behind them as possible. Kenny's priorities are setting hard targets and being as transparent as possible. Change happens from within an organisation, and most effectively from the very top. Read the full article by clicking Kenny's picture below.

Read time: 2.5 minutes

Join The Shuri Network!
The first network designed for women of colour in digital health. The Shuri Network's mission is to celebrate diversity within care sectors, and to challenge the system to take action towards a more inclusive and diverse industry that supports BAME women. Join the network now - free to all BAME women in digital health and allies! Click the photo to find out more.

Story of the Week

Ivor Cummings was the ‘gay father of the Windrush generation’ – so why haven’t we heard of him?
Ivor Cummings was a senior official in the welfare department of the Colonial Office, and throughout his career he advocated for the rights of African and Caribbean settlers. Cummings was the man that met the migrants onboard the Empire Windrush and went above and beyond to help them integrate into English society. Despite his massive influence within this historic event, his influence has largely been erased through time, missing from history book and biographies. Cummings was always open about his sexuality and he proudly accepted the characterisation "queer" before the term was reclaimed. Pride Month seems an apt time to start to appreciate this man's life and work. 

Read time: 6 minutes
Featured Video

This week, we at BAME Recruitment have shared our tips on how to be a smarter ally in the workplace. Systemic racism can thrive in workplaces, but change is most likely to happen from within. You can see the roundup of our top tips below.
Inspirational Person of the Week

Scott Turner Schofield
Actor Scott Schofield has recently opened up about his experience of being transgender in Hollywood. “The lives of trans men are stories worth telling”, he says. Scott explains how despite transgender women gaining visibility and telling their stories, trans men still remain largely in the shadows. Schofield speaks up amidst a difficult time for trans people, with J. K. Rowling's harmful statement based on "debunked science", the vulnerability of Black trans people right now, and the erasion of support for trans people in healthcare. Schofield, an Emmy-nominated actor, is speaking out louder for trans rights and is hopeful about moving forward. 

Read time: 4 minutes

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