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19 Jun 2020

Diversity Lens - Issue 31

Jun 19

Diversity Lens - Issue 31

Diversity Lens

In a rush? This week we look at a BLM protestor keeping the peace and a Supreme Court ruling to preserve LGBTQ+ rights in the workplace. Our stories cover whether employers should 'check-in' with staff right now, and a must-listen podcast on inclusion. A BLM billboard was unveiled and an investigation into crime TV reveals real-life consequences in race perceptions. Keep reading for the latest diversity and inclusion news and our inspirational person of the week! Scroll to the bottom for our latest jobs.
Latest News

BLM supporter who helped injured protester 'didn't want to see him die'
Patrick Hutchinson is the name of the Black man who carried an injured anti-Black Lives Matter protestor to safety. Rival protestors came out in force over the weekend, spreading deplorable anti-equality sentiments. The moment captured here is one of extraordinary significance, highlighting the largely peaceful Black Lives Matter demonstrators, and those trying to detract from the movement. 

Read time: 3 minutes

This week our CEO Cynthia and COO Luke joined Giffgaff’s weekly TownhallCynthia and Luke discussed allyship with the Giffgaff team and opened up a dialogue on how to better understand racism, anti-racism and the Black Lives Matter movement. It was an emotional session for both Cynthia and Luke, telling their stories of why they are committed to striving for equality. No matter where you are on your journey, there’s room for everyone to deepen their understanding of race and anti-racism. We applaud Giffgaff for being proactive in taking this step.

US Supreme Court ruling for LGBT worker rights
A massive win for the LGBTQ+ community came from the US this week with their Supreme Court ruling. The decision means that there is now legislation against firing workers for being gay or transgender. Efforts on behalf of the Trump administration to roll back rights for queer and transgender people have fallen short this time, and the significance of this cannot be understated for LGBTQ+ individuals and allies everywhere. No one should be necessitated to hide their sexuality or gender identity in the workplace. 

Read time: 5 minutes
Diversity and Inclusion Insights

Employers urged to take a stand against racism
Companies are hastening to demonstrate their public support for the Black Lives Matter movement, but are their employees feeling the effects of this in their firsthand experience of the workplace?
The CEO of Avanade, a management consulting company, gave employees the option to take an afternoon off in light of this highly charged period. She suggested this time to be used to mourn, learn, and reflect on the impact of racial injustices in our society. Employers should be checking in with their staff right now, allowing time off for demonstrations and developing diversity and inclusion policies.

Read time: 4 minutes

Inclusion Bites Podcast
The brilliant and insightful podcast, Inclusion Bites has released their latest episode - Why We Need A More Open Dialogue on Race. Inclusion specialist Joanne Lockwood talks with Britain's first openly gay black (former) police officer, Gamal ‘G’ Turawa. If you’re continuing to be proactive in hearing different voices during this movement, this conversation is well worth a listen. Click the picture below to listen now!

Listen time: 1hr 10

BAME Recruitment's mini-series on Black-owned businesses
Last week we began a campaign on our social media platforms to spotlight some of the best Black-owned businesses in a variety of different industries. Supporting Black business owners is a simple and proactive way to show your support for the Black community right now, and begin to address the racial imbalances in our economy. See one of our posts below and click through to see the rest of the series.

Story of the Week

New Study Reveals How Crime TV Series Distort Understanding of Race and Criminal Justice System
Color of Change has investigated the impact of racial representation in Crime TV series. They have released a report entitled ‘Normalizing Injustice: The Dangerous Misrepresentations that Define Television’s Scripted Crime Genre’. The report found that ‘almost all series conveyed the impression that change to the system is not needed’, including any race, gender or abuse of power problems. They also found that characters of colour were often depicted as ‘validators of wrongful behaviour’. Television undeniably has influences that impact real life perceptions and decision-making. Click the picture for further findings of the report.

Read time: 4 minutes
Featured Video

Black Lives Matter billboard unveiled in London
A billboard has this week been unveiled on Westminster Bridge Road which lists countless of Black lives stripped away needlessly while in police custody, prisons and immigration detention centres. The names are formed together to spell out 'I can't breathe', the last words George Floyd spoke before a police officer took his life.

Watch time: 1 minute
A small gesture towards justice for so many Black lives lost.
Inspirational Person of the Week

Marcus Rashford
The government made an unexpected U-turn this week after a successful campaign from 22-year-old professional footballer Marcus Rashford. Around 1.3 million children will now be eligible for free school meal vouchers over the summer holiday via the 'covid summer food fund'. Rashford spoke of his own experience in accessing free school meals in order to compel the government to support struggling parents through this unprecedented time. London Mayor Sadiq Khan thanked Rashford, saying "this result will change the lives of hundreds of thousands of children". Read more by clicking his picture.

Read time: 4 minutes

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