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05 Jun 2020

Diversity Lens - Issue 29

Jun 5

Diversity Lens - Issue 29

Diversity Lens

Welcome to Diversity Lens, the newsletter from BAME Recruitment and! We’re pleased to be bringing you all the latest news and opinions about recruitment and the world of diversity and inclusion. We hope you are all keeping safe and adhering to social distancing guidelines in this turbulent time.
A Statement from Cynthia V Davis, CEO and Founder of BAME Recruitment
We have faced one of the toughest weeks within our community and we, like many of you, are still trying to come to terms with what we have all witnessed.

The brutal killing of George Floyd has rightly ignited fury - not just in America, but in the UK and around the world. We have seen allies standing in solidarity with black people who continue to experience systematic racism; and they have used their voices to amplify the cause, their bodies to shield black bodies, and their privilege to reach new heights. Our defiance is starting to be heard and our demands taken seriously, but this is only the beginning for the reparations that need to be sought to bring justice to the black community.

We have begun the journey of change but we must not lose impetus. Our allies, committed to the fight against racial injustices, are needed now more than ever if we are to see real and lasting change within our society, our organisations and in our way of life.

Over the last 5 years as a social change organisation, BAME Recruitment has been at the forefront of championing for greater equality. Our resolve to continue on our journey for social justice is stronger than ever, and we continue to champion for the inclusion of marginalised communities. We will channel our passion and rage into actions, and fight for the greater good in society.

The time for idle talking is over and what we now need is real tangible action and impactful change! If you have been hurt, saddened, enraged by what you have seen in the media, we need you to use your voice and reflect this in your actions. No longer can anyone be just a bystander, we all have the power to make a difference and be catalysts of change! Use your voice and say no to racism and injustice. Educate yourself, family, friends, children and future generations; start the hard conversations. Let’s change hearts and minds to make this world a fair and just society where the colour of one’s skin, does not become a death sentence.

Now more than ever, we welcome conversations with organisations looking to diversify their workforce and reach underrepresented communities. Truly diverse and inclusive workplaces have the potential to enact real change in society. Reach out to us at info@bamerecruitment and start the conversation.


Learn: Donate: Petition: Support Black Creators and Business Owners:
BAME Recruitment will be conducting a mini-series to spotlight small black-owned businesses who often lack the recognition they deserve. Watch our social media channels in the coming week, and let us know of any black companies you think we should be highlighting!
Latest News

75 LGBT+ groups join coalition in support of Black Lives Matter: ‘We understand what it means to rise up’
Pride Month and the Black Lives Matter movement have joined in unison this month to demand better. The LGBTQ+ community and allies are being urged to remember the turbulent roots of Pride and support the protests happening today following the murder of George Floyd. Over 75 LGBTQ+ groups have signed an open letter that calls out the “epidemic of violence” against black lives. The letter urges the LGBTQ+ community to do more in terms of intersectionality, to commit to end racism “not as necessary corollaries to our mission, but as integral to the objective of full equality for LGBTQ people.” During this Pride Month, the queer people of colour who sparked the Stonewall riots should be at the forefronts of our minds. We can honour them by fighting for Black Lives Matter with as much urgency. Click the picture below to read more.

White people – this is why it’s vital you speak out against racism, even if you’re scared
In the current social climate of racial unrest, white people are being challenged on their silence. This silence is dangerous and it can make you complicit in the acts of racism and systematic injustices that were most recently exposed by the brutal murder of the unarmed black man George Floyd. It is not enough to not be racist at this time, we must be actively anti-racist. White people must use their privileged voice to speak up and amplify the black voices around them. Author and sociologist Robin DiAngelo says, “if we can’t challenge the racial hierarchy then we can only protect it”. So speak out, be a critical and reflexive ally, educate yourself, and use your time and money to actively show support. Click here for ways to help the #BlackLivesMatter movement.
To read the full article Click Here

Meet The 3 Essential Workers On The Cover
The July 2020 Vogue cover story celebrates the millions of ‘everyday heroes’ in the UK whose true importance in society has been exposed during the pandemic. Vogue talk to a train driver, midwife and a supermarket assistant who have persevered in their duties despite the personal risk to their health. "There has been a shift in who we look up to and admire", says creator of the piece, Edward Enninful, and this societal shift is exemplified by the move away from the glamorous and unattainable images on Vogue's front cover, towards a normality that is even more beautiful. There is extraordinary strength and kindness in their stories. Narguis Horsford, a train driver from North London identifies the newfound community spirit as a driving force for her work. Similarly, Anisa Omar, supermarket assistant from Islington explains: “If I can put a smile on someone’s face because I’m smiling, that’s amazing for me. That’s all I need.” We take inspiration from their enduring courage. Click their photos to hear more.

Pixar Short ‘Out’ Proves Gay Stories Can Live on Family-Friendly Disney+
‘Out’ makes history as Pixar’s first animated film with a gay lead character. The short film comes at a time when Disney was facing backlash for its censorship of queer subject matter on their platform, with the excuse that it would conflict with their ‘family-friendly’ reputation. 'Out’ is a family film about “common family issues that are true to human experience”, producer Max Sachar explains. He proves that gay characters can easily go hand in hand with a family-friendly viewership, a big step to normalising queerness for young viewers. The writer of the short believes it to be “quietly revolutionary” in its potential to help children growing up, feeling isolated by their sexuality. Read more about the production of 'Out' by clicking the still below.
Diversity and Inclusion Insights

Black Lives Matter: Employers urged to take a stand against racism
Protests are being planned across the UK and HR professionals are encouraged to accommodate employee requests for leave to join such demonstrations. Companies across the world have used their platform to issue statements and throw their support behind the Black Lives Matter movement. The CIPD issued advice to businesses, “to talk to their people right now — check in with them”. Whether companies are doing enough is an important question right now — are they actively raising awareness on their networks? Or idly sending a black square out into the midst of Instagram? Are they investing in diversity within their own company? Many are watching the company responses, or lack of, closely. Instagram conducted a poll regarding company response and found that 77% of respondents said their workplace was yet to address the situation.
There will be a demonstration on Saturday 6th in Parliament Square, 1pm.

Working mothers interrupted more often than fathers in lockdown - study
With the pandemic continuing to disrupt the careers of working parents, oppressive gender roles are at risk of regressing. A study has found that working mothers have been able to do one hour of uninterrupted work for every three completed by men during lockdown. Despite women’s careers proving more at risk than men’s, the IFS-UCL study reported that more childcare and housework was falling to mothers during this isolating period. These worrying findings could lead to a further increase in the gender pay gap. Read more on this study and its ramifications by clicking the picture below.

Story of the Week

The shortlist for this year's Portrait of Humanity features timely themes of community and unity
All eyes have been on the protests unfolding in the US this week, and powerful moments are being created right now on the streets of countries round the world. The producer of the Portrait of Humanity annual awards wants to communicate the message that "across oceans and borders, there is more that unites us than sets us apart". In light of the unifying effect of Covid-19, and the solidarity spreading for the Black Lives Matter movement, these raw images of humanity represent the power of community that persists all over the globe. To see the shortlisted photographs: Click Here
Featured Video

George Floyd death: The man who sheltered 80 US protesters
Rahul Dubey heard a large commotion centred outside his house and opened his doors to the protesters trapped in the street that was blocked by police on both ends. A wave of people ran into Dubey’s house and found shelter there. “It’s my house. It’s my community’s house”, he said, encouraging protestors to stay as long as they needed to. The diverse mass of strangers huddled in the house peacefully until they could return home safely. Watch the heartwarming story by clicking the still below.

Inspirational Person of the Week

Munroe Bergdorf
Munroe Bergdorf is an English model and social activist. She is known for being vocal about trans issues, racism and misogyny. Bergdorf regularly speaks on panels all over the world and has made a documentary for Channel 4 titled, ‘What Makes A Woman?’. The documentary explores different perceptions of femininity and follows Bergdorf’s gender altering surgery on her face. Most recently, she has been a prominent voice in the Black Lives Matter movement, addressing the difficult issues on her large social media platform. Bergdorf is also a Patron of Mermaids, a charity that supports trans and gender-diverse children. Last year she was awarded an honour doctorate from the University of Brighton in recognition of her campaigning for transgender rights. Watch her powerful performance of Maya Angelou’s poem ‘Still I Rise’ below.

'You may shoot me with your words,
You may cut me with your eyes,
You may kill me with your hatefulness,
But still, like air, I’ll rise.'

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