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10 Apr 2020

Diversity Lens - Issue 21

Apr 10

Diversity Lens - Issue 21

Diversity Lens

Welcome to Diversity Lens, the newsletter from BAME Recruitment and! We’re pleased to be bringing you all the latest news and opinions about recruitment and the world of diversity and inclusion.
Latest News

Update from BAME RecruitmentBAME Recruitment have recently set up several community networks to provide support and encouragement, particularly in this time of uncertainty.Please join our Inclusive Community for Social Change on: As well as our In This Together Network, a community for career support, tips and guidance, on: Thank you!

Practicing Slow Living in the Time of Coronavirus: our PA Cressida shares her thoughts
As many of our lives are starting to slow down, there is a tendency to resist a change of pace. BAME's PA, Cressida encourages a positive use of extra time by checking in with oneself, slowing down and finding joy in the little things in our lives. Simple pleasures are everywhere, even when confined to our own homes, such as a savouring a good cup of coffee, reading a book, practicing some yoga. Try to be present in these moments rather than incessantly looking forward to the next thing. The poem below by Wendy Cope really resonates with this sentiment. Read more about slow living in this turbulent time by clicking the photo below and reading our blog post.

11 strategies to successfully navigate through an economic crisis or recession
Award-winning creative branding and marketing agency, 3 Colour Rule, have written a comprehensive article to help businesses navigate through a global crisis, such as the current pandemic. They identify the business tactics and marketing strategies that have proven to work when faced with such challenges. A key point is not to panic, but do read this article to help guide you through it - click the photo below.

5 people who were amazingly productive in quarantine
Whilst no one should feel pressure to stay 100% productive in these turbulent times, there is an opportunity for greatness in quarantine. Shakespeare is thought to have written King Lear in the quarantine from the bubonic plague in the early 17th century, and a couple decades later, another outbreak of the plague led Isaac Newton into self-isolation where he developed his early theory of gravity. Read more great achievements birthed through quarantine Click Here

Dancing to Art
Tate Britain partner with Corali, a leader in dance created by artists with a learning disability. They invited four Corali dancers to design performances in response to a piece of art in the gallery that speaks to them in some way. Tate Britain wants to dispel the notion that their beautiful and grand gallery space should be still and quiet. They want visitors to feel the freedom to move about the space and enjoy the art in a way that feels natural to them, unrestricted. The outcome is beautiful. Click the picture below to see the choreographed dance for yourself, and learn about the art that inspired each dancer.

Marini Naturals: The haircare business that reaches 12 countries
In 2013, Michelle Ntalami's father was gravely ill with cancer. When his chemotherapy treatment made him lose all his hair, she decided to shave hers off in solidarity. As a result of this experience, she launched Marini in 2015, a natural hair care range for African women. However, Michelle soon realised that she faced "a heck of a job" to convince Kenyan women to give up their chemical hair straighteners and embrace their natural curls: "Most cosmetic scientists claimed that the African market wasn't ready for natural hair products, as most African women were still convinced that their natural hair couldn't be beautiful," she says. Yet her products managed to break through the market and change the game. Read more about her story by clicking the photo below.


BAME Recruitment Team
Last Friday, our team took part in a quiz via video call as part of our end of week catch up. We each took a round, choosing a theme of our choice and designing 5 questions, plus one bonus. Themes included; world language, medical knowledge, films and Disney. Partners and families were welcomed into the quiz as well - a great way to end the week!

Our Virtual Presence
In light of the COVID-19 crisis and thus many events unfortunately cancelled, BAME Recruitment are working to increase our online presence in the form of webinars. This month, our COO, Luke will make an appearance on an episode of Brainfood, on the topic of 'Pushing the reset button on D&I', on April 17th. CEO and Founder, Cynthia will participate in a webinar panel session on April 21st for the IRM Business Change and Transformation Conference until the physical event can be safely rearranged. Furthermore, Cynthia will be leading a webinar on 'How to reduce bias in your recruitment process' on April 23rd for the Inclusive Companies Awards. Follow the links through to register to join! We are determined to continue the conversation on diversity and inclusion within recruitment as much as possible under the current circumstances.

Diversity and Inclusion Insights

Disney promises LGBT commitment: 'we want to represent our audience'
Marvel Studios, owned by Disney, have made some exciting promises. They have announced that there will be a transgender character in a future Marvel film, whilst Marvel's first openly gay lead character is due to cinema screens soon. Disney have recently come under fire for not representing LGBTQ+ characters in their namesake media, reporting that it wouldn't align with their 'family friendly' values. Disney does currently have some LGBTQ+ representation, and the CEO pledges to keep diversifying. Click the photo to read more about their future intentions.

Women only make up 5% of commercial pilots worldwide. Take a look at one female pilot's typical day.
Amanda Hivert Vignes is a pilot for a boutique airline in France. Piloting is a heavily male-dominated career but Vignes is trying to change this perception. In her typical day, she will pilot a long haul flight from her home city Paris, to the US. After the extended period of sitting down, she likes to get out and stay active, she tells Insider. Vignes says that she listens to her body instead of the clock in her attempts to cope with jetlag. She experiences the city she has landed in as much as she can before leaving for the airport the next day, by finding rooftop views or enjoying a brunch. She manages her time rigidly in order to stay alert and focused for her next long haul flight. Vignes started flying at 14-years-old and says that she is proud to show other young women that it is a viable career path for them. She calls the cockpit "the best office in the world". Read more about Vignes' typical work day by clicking the picture below.

Story of the Week

Some hero is covering up racist graffiti with cat stickers in Manchester
As an innovative solution to racist graffiti plaguing the streets of Manchester, an unknown resident is using cat stickers to cover up the discriminatory content. The stickers come from an Australian anti-fascist organisation called Cracks Appearing Distro. The cat campaign has been widely praised across Manchester. Read more on this story by clicking the photo below.

Featured Video

What does it mean to be Aromantic? From Pink News, a popular LGBTQ+ news website, seven aromantic people share their experiences of aromanticism: coming out as aromantic, the meaning of aromanticism, the most common myths, and the difference between aromanticism and asexuality to raise awareness and raise acceptance for aromantics.
Seven people share their experiences of what is means to be Aromantic.
Inspirational Person of the Week

Morénike Giwa-Onaiwu
Giwa-Onaiwu was born in the US to immigrant parents from Nigeria and Cape Verde. She states that her early symptoms of autism were possibly misinterpreted as characteristics of "a black person [...] trying to fit into the white environment," especially with more physical symptoms misinterpreted as the "stereotype of the violent or over emotional or sassy black person." In an interview she stated: "Many characteristics that I possess that are clearly autistic were instead attributed to my race or gender. As a result, not only was I deprived of supports that would have been helpful, I was misunderstood and also, at times, mistreated.
Giwa-Onaiwu has led a number of campaigns for human rights, concentrating on HIV and Autism advocacy, founding the organisation Positive Playdates to benefit families affected by HIV. This organisation would later be merged into Advocacy Without Borders, an organisation she founded in 2014 to support community activists. She has been the chair of the Autism and Race Committee for the Autistic Women's Network since 2014. Since 2016, she has served as a board member of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN). As of 2018, Giwa-Onaiwu speaks at functions to raise awareness and promote the empowerment of girls and women of colour with autism.

Morénike Giwa Onaiwu (@MorenikeGO) | Twitter

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