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27 Oct 2023

Diversity Lens - Issue 197

I've been thinking a lot this week about how some employers insist on infantilising their staff; as if we're not fully grown adults who've been sufficiently living life independently for some time. At worst, there can be a real school-like *shudder* atmosphere to these workplaces with extreme hierarchies, zero trust and micromanagement galore. I spotted this LinkedIn post this week which really exposes these work environments for what they are – unnecessary and somewhat humiliating.

Sure, if you're not getting the work done/are absent from meetings, that's cause for a serious conversation. But don't set this precedent for the rest of your staff. Design work environments to cater to the strengths of your team, not the weaknesses of a few individuals. I, for one, am much more likely to work hard for my employer If I'm given the respect and trust of an adult human! I feel super lucky to have found the former with Diversifying Group; I am trusted by my superiors, and pass down that trust to my colleagues 😌 Do you?


🇲🇺 Mauritius repeals colonial-era anti-same-sex law
💼 All office working now more common than hybrid
🇯🇵 Japan trans sterilisation requirement deemed unconstitutional
🚓 Met officers guilty of unjustified stop and search of Black athletes
👩‍🦼 Daniel Radcliffe making doc on his paralysed stunt double
💗 Happy Intersex Awareness Day!
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Why are women in Iceland striking? 🪧
For the first time in 48 years, Icelandic women and non-binary folk (including the PM) will stop working this week. Paid and unpaid labour will grind to a halt for a day to spotlight the gender pay gap and draw attention to gender-based violence. Though Iceland is considered at the forefront of gender equality, some professions still see women earn up to 21% less than men, and 40% of women have experienced gender-based/sexual violence.

“The patience of women has run out”

Will it work?
In 1975, 90% of Icelandic women refused to work and this led to the world’s first female elected president of a country. But organisers of the latest strike say women's work is still not valued as it should be.
OUT NOW: Diversity Unplugged bonus episode on Sex Education

We're back with another episode of Diversity Unplugged - this time, it's an informal water cooler chat in the office (over zoom, we don't have water coolers) about what we've been watching; Sex Education. We also talk about being an adult, and how exciting it can be to buy a new vacuum in your 30s.
"Destitution" is a new living standard in the UK
Destitute. adjective. Without money, food, and the other things necessary for life. 

4 million people in the UK, 1.55 million of whom are children, experienced destitution in the UK last year.

Can we even call this a ‘living standard’?
It’s hard to believe that in 2023 so many are going without meals, adequate clothing, regular washing or basic shelter. But what’s even more shocking is the government’s total lack of urgency in dealing with it. Food banks, ‘warm banks’ and even ‘baby banks’ have become so normalised that we have become desensitised to the direness of the situation.

What about benefit payments? Aren’t they supposed to help?
Ideally, yes. But the reality is that almost three-quarters of destitute households actually do receive support from the benefits system. But it's not adequate in supporting them out of poverty, instead keeping people in a cycle of insecurity, sickness and fear. 
 Poverty is a political choice. Just as keeping benefits as low as possible is deliberate, lifting people out of poverty can be too. 
Current support does not address the real cost of living, nor does it take into account the many different situations people may find themselves unable to work in. I believe we’re finally starting to see the ‘benefit scrounger’ rhetoric lifting within our communities, but until the government take action to provide adequate support to lift people out of hardship, this social emergency isn’t going anywhere.

✍️ Sign the petition for an Essentials Guarantee
Are we being forced back to the office?

What's happening?
A survey of 15,000 professionals has found that most of us are now travelling into the office five days a week. A big switch up from the remote and hybrid working norms we were promised were here to stay. 

Why the change?
It seems that most employers still offer hybrid working options, but we're seeing less uptake from employees than last year. This isn't all that surprising when you think about it: we're all finding what works best for us, and it's not a one-size-fits-all solution. Employers that try to force unwilling employees back into the office however will not help their staff retention. 

CEO of Dropbox stresses "trust over surveillance" - a concept we're totally on board with, we're all adults here and we can get our work done without eyes on our screens at all time. Dropbox is a virtual-first company, meaning employees only need to travel for the occasional social meeting. They're bucking the trend set by big tech such as Zoom and Apple mandating a return to offices this year.

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