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16 Jun 2023

Diversity Lens - Issue 178

Last week at our team monthly strategy day, we took on Active Bystander Training! It was humbling to remember that we always have more to learn to be better allies to one another. The interactive session took us through different scenarios of harassment and how you can respond helpfully and safely. I came away from the session equipped with multiple techniques to apply in real-life, and way more confidence to take action against abuse and harassment in my community, or anywhere I see it.

Also, there are no gatekeepers over here! If you’d like to book in a training session for your team too, get in touch





Mother of Three was Jailed for Taking Abortion Pills Too Late

What happened?
A woman from Staffordshire has been sentenced to two years in jail after taking abortion pills at 32-34 weeks pregnant, over the UK legal limit. Prosecutors argued that she knew she was past the limit when she took the pills.

The context
She already had three sons before becoming pregnant in lockdown, one of whom has special needs. She was forced to move back in with an estranged partner, whilst pregnant with someone else's child. She is being prosecuted under a law passed back in 1861.

The response
Public outcry has followed this controversial sentencing and campaigners have urged parliamentary action to change the "archaic abortion law.” Gestation limits are arbitrary and hit disadvantaged women the hardest: check out this article.

“This conviction serves no one, not her, not her children, not the public interest. All it does is punish a woman for seeking healthcare in the middle of a pandemic and risk deterring women who want or need an abortion from seeking that care in future." Mandu Reid, the leader of the Women’s Equality party

March for Abortion Law Reform Tomorrow

Tell Your MP To Back Reform

Discrimination is a bigger AI risk than human extinction - EU commissioner 

It seems the question we should be asking is not if AI is going to take our jobs, but which characteristics it will marginalise. If certain groups are not represented accurately and fairly in the datasets that AI is trained on, it could produce outcomes which disadvantage those groups. 

Why should you care?
With AI making its way into job applications, banks and other social services, AI discrimination could have a real and lasting impact on groups who are already marginalised in society.

People aged over 65 amongst most sexually fluid in UK, study find

What is sexual fluidity? 
People may experience changes to their sexual orientation over time, and also may choose to describe these changes using new or different labels - this is known as sexual fluidity.

What’s the research?
The research set out to determine just how fluid sexual identity is, particularly across different demographics. People aged 16-24 and 65+ showed the biggest mobility in terms of their sexual identity, as well as those from ethnic minorities.

What do we think? 
This research is debunking the myth that being LGBTQIA+ is a trend amongst young people, and highlights that people can explore their sexual identity at any age - and we’re here for it! 


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