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09 Jun 2023

Diversity Lens - Issue 177

We tend to think - are indeed encouraged to believe - that the UK is a safe and welcoming refuge where human rights are enjoyed by all. We generally put ourselves on a higher pedestal than many other countries. But, is this an outdated mindset?
The UK has increasingly and more conspicuously pulled back on its rights for LGBTQIA+ people, to the point where queer people are taking refuge from the UK. This is particularly acute for trans people. But amid this vocal minority of anti-LGBTQIA+ groups, there are communities of queer people, activists and allies being as visible as possible, and fighting for a more inclusive world. This week, we're celebrating them, and all the GOOD they're doing.




Glamour Magazine’s Pregnant Trans Man Cover Hailed as ‘Incredible’ Milestone

Glamour's Pride month cover intends to celebrate the allyship between women (cisgender or otherwise) and transgender people "through our shared experiences." They featured Logan Brown on the cover, a pregnant trans man, alongside an intimate interview. Brown spoke about the unexpected pregnancy and the feeling that his manhood was being "erased." Yet now he embraces his individuality; in an instagram post about the cover, he captions it, “I'm a pregnant trans man and I do exist." Brown, a writer and children’s support worker, has worked to educate other people about trans parenting throughout this journey.

Huge Increase in Same-Sex Couples Adopting is Good News ‘for LGBTQ+ People and Children’


In 2022, more than one in six (540 out of 2,950) adoptions in England were granted to same-sex couples – the “greatest proportion on record.” The highest proportion is in Wales, with one in four adoptions going to same-sex couples. A different picture is painted in Northern Ireland and Scotland, with the proportion of adoptions granted to same-sex couples was just one in ten and one in eleven respectively. Damian, a father of two from Cardiff said “Visibility has always been an essential part of change for the LGBTQ+ communities and instilling confidence." 

Metropolitan Police Head Makes ‘Groundbreaking’ Apology for Past Anti-LGBTQ Persecution

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Mark Rowley, has issued an apology to activist Peter Tatchell for the historical mistreatment of LGBTQIA+ individuals by the police force. Rowley acknowledged the existence of bias and discrimination within the Met, expressed optimism for the future and emphasised the force's commitment to rooting out corruption and abuse. Tatchell thanked Rowley for being the first UK police chief to apologise, and urged others to follow.

Trans Kids Deserve to See Themselves in Children's Books

Author Kyle Lukoff discusses the use of animal metaphors in children's books to teach about identity; arguing that using animals as a substitute for human identities can perpetuate transphobic ideas. Lukoff really emphasises the importance of providing children with honest and inclusive representations of themselves, rather than relying on metaphorical stories that may not accurately reflect their realities, and highlights the urgent need for authentic representation in children's literature.


Sharing Pronouns is a Workplace Revolution That’s Only Just Beginning

Displaying and stating your pronouns has become common place in many areas of our lives, but there is still a stigma attached to it in some big corporate environments. In one incident that inclusive culture expert Joanne Lockwood recounts, a company actually rejected a candidate for displaying their pronouns on their LinkedIn profile. But it is becoming more normalised, and correct pronoun use at work has been proved to help "lower depression, improve self-esteem and wellbeing and reduce imposter syndrome." If you feel safe to, do your bit and be part of the workplace revolution - share your pronouns overtly and hold your organisation to account.

How Mentoring Can Help LGBTQ People in the Workplace

LGBTQIA+ people often experience unique challenges in the workplace, from coming out to colleagues to experiencing more acute imposter syndrome. Mentorship can be an invaluable tool for navigating these challenges, and climbing the career ladder. Ed Johnson is the CEO and co-founder of a mentoring platform called Pushfar. Finding a suitable mentor can feel very daunting and it's difficult to know where to start - Johnson is trying to change this with his app. But more than that, he wants to help change the landscape of entrepreneurship by supporting LGBTQIA+ founders to find more confidence and role models.


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