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Beware of scams: Protect yourself from fraudulent messages

At Diversifying Group, we're committed to your safety and security. We would like to ask our candidates to beware of a current scam that targets job seekers. Fraudsters may reach out to you impersonating consultants with job opportunities or offers in order to get your personal information or request payment. It's crucial to be vigilant and verify the authenticity of any messages you receive.

Recruitment scams are not always obvious. Here are a few tips on how to identify a fraudulent message:

  • It’s from an unknown phone number, country code or email address.

  • It contains a link; these may contain malware that could be installed on your device so avoid clicking on these.

  • It contains sudden requests for payment or pressure to act quickly.

  • It contains poor spelling and/or grammar.

  • It contains unrealistic salary or working arrangements - if it’s too good to be true it probably is.

For your safety, we strongly advise:

  • Do not respond to these messages.

  • Do not share any personal information, banking details, or make any payments requested through these messages.

  • Report the scam message to your local authorities or the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) through their official website for further investigation.

At Diversifying Group, we might contact you by text message, however:

  • Initial contact will usually be via an email address containing or via LinkedIn.

  • We never send job offers or requests for personal information via text message to individuals who have not registered with our agency.

  • We will never ask a candidate to pay fees as part of the recruitment process.

  • We have an office phone number on our website, so you can give us a call if you’re not sure of anything.

Stay alert and safeguard yourself against fraudulent activity. If you have any doubts or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly using the contact details below:

24 Feb 2023

Diversity Lens - Issue 163

It's been a dreary time in the UK recently, but there is always light amid the clouds. This week, we're focusing on that light here at Diversity Lens: the wins, the moves in the right directions, the glimmers of hope. We hope it brings you some joy in this long February. And remember, March is just around the corner, along with warmer days, lighter evenings, and daffodils in bloom.

Podcast: "You Can't Say Anything Anymore!"
The Why and How on D&I in the Recruitment Industry

There are nearly 40,000 recruitment agencies in the UK. Their actions and hires have a massive impact on Diversity and Inclusion in the workforce, but their role is often overlooked. We're working to change this, to harness that potential by educating recruiters and helping them reach more diverse talent pools. So this is a shameless plug of this month's episode of our podcast, all about diversity in recruitment agencies, but also about how we address our ignorances, to educate ourselves, and to be brave. The resulting conversation with two recruiters on the forefront is enlightening and totally relatable for all.



‘AI is Here. It’s Time to be More Human’

By now, I'm sure you've heard about artificial intelligence (AI), which is amazing in so many ways.

It can write songs, essays, and stories, and even take over tedious jobs, but does it have the capability to really replace humans? Two of the most popular AI-powered tools are ChatGPT, which can imitate human speech and create different types of content, and MidJourney, which can turn text descriptions into images. Both of these tools are undeniably incredible, but as many have pointed out, they can't replace the human experience.

AI doesn't know what it means to be human, doesn't quite understand emotions, spirituality, or connections to others. It can't add layers of meaning. Yet the technology can help people in many ways, such as by making it easier to diagnose and treat diseases, fight climate change, and improve conservation efforts.
But there are also worries about the risks that AI poses to society, such as the possibility that jobs, like mine, will be lost and that social connections will change.

At this current time, AI won't be able to replace the unique and valuable contributions of humanity. AI isn't able to fall in love, create family recipes that can be passed down through generations, or feel the collective pain of a sports defeat. AI may become a big part of our lives, but it's important to keep celebrating and taking care of what makes us human.

As we learn to use the new technology of AI, we must also be aware of how it affects us morally. Organisations like the Institute for Ethics in AI at the University of Oxford are working to provide a counterbalance to the ethos of "move fast and break things" and promote responsible innovation. By embracing our strengths and nurturing the qualities that make us human, we can work with AI to create a more prosperous and equitable future.


South Korea Just Legally Recognised Same-Sex Couples For The Very First Time

In a landmark ruling, Seoul High Court determined that a health insurance provider did owe coverage to a couple they had revoked it from after discovering they were gay. This is the first time the country, which does not recognise same-sex marriage, has recognised the legal rights of same-sex partners. 

While it does not change the legality of same-sex marriages currently, Amnesty International’s east Asia researcher Boram Jang has said “This is an important decision that moves South Korea closer to achieving marriage equality.” The couple – So Sung-uk and Kim Yong-min – said that the process was long, but they were pleased with the outcome. 

Black Teacher Accused of ‘Playing the Race Card’ Awarded £70k Compensation

Teacher Betty Knight, who sued South Downs College in Hampshire for being harassed out of her role and discriminated against, has been awarded nearly £70k in compensation. This was after a series of events, including a colleague sending an email saying Ms. Knight was ‘throwing the E&D [equality and diversity] Black comment at me too.’ This was deemed by a judge to be an “act of harassment” and part of the reason that Ms. Knight resigned.

In the Far From Diverse Publishing Industry, Sensitivity Readers Are Vital

"Sensitivity readers" are a relatively new addition to the publishing industry. However, the term is somewhat misleading. Sensitivity readers are contracted by the writer or publisher to provide feedback on credibility or cliche, offer historical context and cultural attitudes. Authors often write outside of their own lived experiences, and need support and guidance in accurately portraying this reality. They can choose to take this feedback on board or not. Feedback and heavy editing is standard practice throughout the process to getting any writing published - a first draft is never a published book. Cries of censorship are wildly inaccurate, ultimately the publisher makes the final decision always.

5th Man Cured Of HIV After Stem Cell Transplant

A German man - referred to as “the Düsseldorf patient” - received a stem cell transplant back in 2004. This week, findings were published which showed that he no longer has "detectable traces of the HIV virus" and does not require his HIV medication, which he stopped taking in 2019. Dr. Björn-Erik Ole Jensen, the patient’s physician, admits the virus is “really cured” and not in “long-term remission." Since 2009, five people appear to have been totally cured of their HIV. These all give us insight into how a cure can be facilitated in the future.



Four-Day Week: ‘Major Breakthrough’ As Most UK Firms In Trial Extend Changes

Four-day working week - are you ready for it? In this largest trial of a four-day week in the world, results have been extremely favourable. Of 61 companies in the six-month trial, 56 have chosen to extend the working pattern, with 18 making the permanent change. Colleagues were kept on the same salary while working one less day a week. Results found that both wellbeing and business productivity improved during the trial across a wide variety of sectors. Findings will be presented to MPs on Tuesday as evidence that it could work across the UK economy. Is this the future? 

Spain Approves Paid Menstrual Leave, First Country In Europe To Do So

Should menstrual leave come to the UK? A new bill in Spain means workers can take a sick day in cases of 'incapacitating menstruation.’ This specific allowance will help many who believe they must work through debilitating symptoms. Spain is the first country in Europe to introduce this bill, part of broader laws which aim to increase access to abortions and provide free menstrual products in schools and prisons. On the same day, legislation passed to strengthen LGBTQIA+ rights. Seems we could learn a thing or two from Spain right now!

Maternity in Rugby: New Rugby Football Union Policy Will 'Normalise Motherhood'
The Rugby Football Union are introducing new policies to support players who have children. The female players are now entitled to 26 weeks' fully-paid maternity leave as well as "funds for children to travel to games with them." This is up from 14 weeks in 2022. Pregnant players will be helped to gain employment in a non-playing area of rugby, whilst giving them the best chance to return to play when they're ready. 


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