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20 Jan 2023

Diversity Lens - Issue 158

This week something odd happened. A Prime Minister stepped down and people were in fact sad, not celebratory. A foreign concept to many of us UK residents. New Zealand PM Jacinda Arden has defied many of our expectations of political leaders by working with empathy and kindness. She now moves away from the position in much the same way, holding her hands up and admitting she is no longer up to the job - not clinging onto the job till eventually pushed out by scandal or downfall. We could all take inspiration from Ardern; senior leaders take note.

"I refuse to believe that you cannot be both compassionate and strong"

Oni: Thunder God’s Tale

Set in a mystical world of Japanese spirits and gods, this four-part series tells the story of Onari, a young girl on a journey to find her Kushi power and protect her village from the mysterious oni.

Not only is the 3D and stop-motion hybrid animation style visually stunning, but this endearing story sensitively explores themes of otherness and difference. The series concludes with a powerful message highlighting the importance of togetherness and community, particularly in the face of fear. 



Five Massive Lies About Gender Recognition Certificates For Trans People, Debunked

There has been so much discourse this week over the UK government's decision to override Scottish legislation. However, trans voices are so often missing from the mainstream conversations, omitting the people whom this debate actually concerns. Thus, misinformation has been rife and the facts misrepresented.

We'd recommend this short video from trans author Laura Kate Dale to clearly explain the function of Gender Recognition Certificates (GRCs). As she explains, GRCs largely impact two things: "who you can get married as, who you get buried as when you die." That's it. It doesn't license you to do anything, and it doesn't impact anyone other than the person who receives it - it's merely an administrative process.

The Scottish reforms to GRCs remove medical requirements, lower the age limit to 16, and cut the period that an applicant must live as their required gender.

Anti-trans pundits have jumped on this move to spout transphobic hate, citing women's rights or violence against women.

The "feminist" argument is inherently transphobic as well as completely fabricated. There is zero evidence to suggest GRCs could aid an abuser. A GRC has nothing to do with trans people accessing single sex spaces - the Equality Act already protects this right. Excluding trans people from these spaces is discriminatory, and the GRC reforms has no bearing on this. It is therefore clear that critics of these simple reforms, and the UK government, are not voicing legitimate concerns, but blocking trans people from living their lives a little easier.

In a statement, Stonewall said: "the Prime Minister treats trans people as a threat to be contained, not citizens to be respected."



The UK Government Is *Finally* Banning Conversion Therapy

The UK government first announced plans to ban conversion therapy in 2018. In March 2022, leaked documents showed that then Prime Minister Boris Johnson planned to drop the bill but after huge backlash, implemented a version of the bill that excluded transgender people. It seems that finally the government is set to put in place a complete ban on conversion therapy, with a law that aims to “outlaw attempts to change a person’s sexuality and also attempts to change someone’s gender identity”. We hope to see no more U-turns on this matter. 

Mental Health Bill Must Tackle ‘Unacceptable’ Racial Inequalities, MPs Warn

A group of cross-party politicians are scrutinising a new draft mental health bill to determine how effective it will be. They will be assessing racial inequalities, the long-term detention of people with learning disabilities, and the detaining of people against their wishes. Baroness Buscombe, chair of the joint committee, has said that current racial disparities in the Mental Health Act are "unacceptable and inexcusable." Black people are four times more likely than white people to be detained under the legislation and placed under Community Treatment Orders eight times more frequently. The committee are urging for the government to report to them periodically on their progress regarding number of detentions, length of stay and reducing racial inequalities.

Trans People Say They’re Leaving England Because of Non-Stop Transphobia

Trans people and their rights feels constantly up for debate in the news cycle at the moment. It has escalated since the UK government triggered Section 35 to block the Scottish government’s gender recognition reforms. The Scottish law planned to make it slightly easier to access a gender recognition certificate. Trans brits are fed up and some are looking for solace in a different country. The constant negativity has caused Emilia from London to pack up and relocate to Belgium: “I’m upset at seeing what the UK has become. They want to erase trans people," she said. A VICE investigation last year found a tripling of transphobic hate crime reports in the UK over the last five years.

All The Bad Bills The Conservative Party Are Pushing Through This Year


The conservative party are working on a number of legislations which impinge dangerously on our dwindling rights to strike, protest and vote. The new Strikes Bill would introduce a 'minimum level of service' during industrial action which, if not met, could result in loss of jobs and unions being sued. It's been described as "almost certainly illegal” - oppose the bill here. The Public Order Bill targets climate protestors, establishing "locking on" and obstructing key national infrastructure, like transport, as a criminal offence. Police will also be given power to stop protests before they begin. Stop and search policy, widely known to be discriminatory, will be expanded this year to include searches without any cause for suspicion. 

The Bill of Rights, immigration plans, and The Elections Act all present more concerning infringements on our rights.



We’re proud to be working with Buttle UK, a charity dedicated to helping children and young people in the UK who have experienced crisis, as they look for a Senior Finance Officer to join their team and help change children’s lives. 

With their commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion supported by a strong EDI strategy, they are dedicated to making Buttle UK somewhere that staff, trustees, and volunteers can bring their whole selves. Are you a Finance professional looking for an opportunity to really make a difference? Click here to apply!

Equal Pay: Football Association of Wales Agree Landmark Deal

For well over a year, negotiations have been ongoing to reach a new pay agreement that would provide Wales' footballers with pay equity. Finally, senior players for Wales' men's and women's teams will get the same salary for the first time in an international appearance. This settlement, that will immediately implement equal pay, was reached with the Football Association of Wales. The new equal pay agreement is in effect through to 2027 currently. Wales joins other countries that pay their players the same international match fee, including the US, England, Brazil, Australia, Norway, and New Zealand.

It Will Now Take 100 Years to Reach Gender Equality

The World Economic Forum (WEF) reports that the gender gap is widening and predicts that it will take a century for women to attain equality in political empowerment, economic participation, health, and education. The WEF's analysis of its most recent Global Gender Gap Report, which evaluates 144 nations' progress toward gender parity, reveals that equality has not only stagnated but has also regressed from the estimated 83 years it would have taken to close the gap between men and women across those four measures in 2016. The United States dropped four spots to land in 49th place, while Iceland is the top-ranked nation where women's economic contributions to the country may soon be on par with men's.

6 Things Gen Z Employees Want Their Managers to Know About the Workplace in 2023

Any person born after 1997 falls under the Gen Z category, according to Pew Research, one of the world's top research and development groups. This group comprised about 15% of the UK population as of 2022. A diverse workforce is more likely to be valued by Gen Z workers, who make up 20% of the workforce. For Gen Z, a job has evolved into more than just a job; it's also a means of bridging the gap between social and political issues and modernising the workplace. Managers and recruiters should be aware of the things Gen Z wants them to know, including the significance of workplace relationships, mental health, and more, as this politically diverse set of employees is stepping up to become the employers of tomorrow.

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