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13 Jan 2023

Diversity Lens - Issue 157

January is one of the busiest times for job hunting, and this year is proving no different. We’re seeing a clear spike in visits and applications to our job boards. Our job boards are unique in that we only platform employers who display a clear commitment to Diversity and Inclusion. So if a new job is on your new year's resolution list, check out our job boards for tons of open roles whilst being secure in the knowledge that every employer on our platforms value a diverse workforce.
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“You Just Need to Lose Weight”: And 19 Other Myths About Fat People
by Aubrey Gordon

From acclaimed writer and co-host of the Maintenance Phase podcast comes a vital book for our time. Wellbeing and body positivity has swept the nation but stubborn fatphobia has stayed put. Aubrey Gordon addresses these deep held biases against fat people, and the typical arguments people make about their very existence. Just like her podcast, the book is grounded in rigorous research, history and lived experiences. Gordon counters engrained myths about fat people and proposes something much simpler and kinder - fat acceptance.



Kemi Badenoch Could Declare Scottish Gender Recognition Certificates Invalid In Rest of UK

The Scottish parliament has recently passed new legislation to make it easier for trans people to gain a Gender Recognition Certificate, and therefore change official documents such as their birth certificate. The amendment made it so anyone over the age of 16 can legally change their gender after three months, even if they don’t have an official diagnosis of gender dysphoria. It was a small but sought after win for the trans community - and one that the UK government are seeking to revoke.

In unprecedented events, Westminster government are pushing back against the democratically passed legislation in Scotland, meaning the Gender Recognition Certificates (GRCs) issued in Scotland might not be accepted in England and Wales. 

The UK currently has a list of countries with a "less rigorous" system for obtaining GRCs, and therefore which they do not see as valid, and they are threatening to add Scotland to this list. There are reports that the UK are even considering blocking the bill by royal assent - "a never-before-used mechanic."

The frenzied UK response to legislation that makes life that little bit easier for trans people speaks to the disproportionate moral panic associated with trans communities, spurred on by relentless negative media coverage and vocal trans exclusionary groups.

Stonewall has called the reaction by our government as "spiteful."



Prince Harry Denies Royal Family Was Racist For Worrying About Archie's Skin Colour

In a 2021 interview it was revealed that, while Megan Markle was pregnant, there had been “concerns” within the royal family about how dark the baby's skin would be. In an interview with Prince Harry on Sunday however, he denied alleging any racism during the interview but calls it "unconscious bias, the two things are different.” This backpedaling has been met with disappointment by many who see the incident as a clear and conscious example of race discrimination.

Harry defended his family during the new interview but also called them out for not appointing a “diversity tsar,” a measure which had been mentioned after the 2021 interview. He pointed to a recent incident, where Lady Susan Hussey repeatedly asked Black charity founder Ngozi Fulani where she “really came from” during a reception at the palace, as a “very good example of the environment within the institution.” 

UK Chief Rabbi Defends LGBTQ+ Community: ‘Love every Jew’

As a gay speaker of the Knesset was elected for the first time, outrage broke out in the Jewish community. The Israeli legislature chose Amir Ohana, 46, as speaker in an overwhelming 63-5 vote. Despite being shunned by homophobic politicians after the vote, Amir showed his gratitude by adding, "I pledge to do my best to be worthy of the trust you have placed in me." More members spoke out against Ohana, calling his election "unbearable." Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, who published a guide to support LGBTQ+ pupils in Jewish schools, defended Ohana, stating that LGBTQ+ unity was the "Torah's perspective." Every human was created “in the image of God," he reminds, and we are "forbid to hate."

More Than 150 Met Officers Investigated Over Sexual Misconduct or Racism

Over 150 police officers are being investigated over complaints of racism and/or sexual misconduct. Women's trust in the Metropolitan Police has been seriously damaged in recent years by a series of scandals involving the force and misbehaviour. According to Scotland Yard, more officers have been restricted or suspended as a result of encouraging employees to report wrongdoing. However, activists working to eradicate misogyny in the police and raise awareness of the threats women confront on London's streets claimed that not much had changed. According to Scotland Yard data, investigations into allegations of sexual assault against over 230 officers and allegations of racism against 556 officers have both resulted in cases. At the end of November, 118 officers were suspended due to allegations of sexual misconduct, and 43 for allegations of racism.

RRR's Naatu Naatu Wins Historic Golden Globe For Best Original Song

India are celebrating their very first Golden Globe! The award ceremony took place last night and the breakout hit RRR beat stars like Taylor Swift and Rihanna to win best original song. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said they had "made every Indian very proud." The song is called Naatu Naatu and the film RRR is currently available to watch on Netflix. RRR, meaning Rise, Roar, Revolt, tells the story of two revolutionaries fighting against British rule in India.



With six D&I networks and a deep commitment to inclusion, Virgin Money are on their way to disrupt the status quo and change the banking industry for the better. Celebrating differences at every step, they are working hard to make Virgin Money the best place to work, no matter who you are or where you’re from – a place where you can truly be yourself.

Find out more about their diversity & inclusion journey and browse opportunities at Virgin Money on

Most Managers Believe Flexible Working Helps Productivity

A survey of 597 managers across the UK has showed managers are more positive about flexible working than they have ever been. Three quarters of the respondents believed that it increases productivity and 62.5% think that it boosts motivation. While this is positive news, the research also showed that managers were more positive to certain types of flexible working than others. Flexitime and home working were seen to have a more positive response over other variations such as compressed hours or job-sharing, 

The research also found that organisations are increasingly advertising new jobs as "flexible working" so they are more attractive, however this flexibility can be informal, causing a possibly “precarious” position if the line manager who these terms were agreed with should be replaced. 

The Recruitment Agency Helping to Bring Diversity to Big Business

When founder and CEO of Diversifying Group, Cynthia Davis, secured her first job in recruitment, she found herself the only person of colour in a firm of 120 consultants, and one of three women. The misogyny and racism she faced over the years, often under the guise of "banter", escalated her frustration with the inequalities of the workplace. Cynthia took matters into her own hands and started her own business which put Diversity and Inclusion at the forefront. “All those misogynistic comments and racist jokes strengthened my resolve to change the world of work for the better," she says.
With a small amount of savings and her infant baby, Diversifying Group was born in 2015 at Cynthia's kitchen table. Going from strength to strength, clients now include Amazon Prime, TikTok, eBay, Virgin Atlantic, BAFTA, the BBC, the National Theatre, and many more.

“Exclusionary Culture” Risks Pushing Women Out of Politics, New Report Finds

New report from the Fawcett Society finds 69% of women MPs and 49% of all MPs have witnessed sexist behaviour in parliament in the last five years. 93% of women MPs said that online abuse or harassment has a negative impact on how they feel about being an MP, compared to 76% of men. Sexism, racism, and ableism have all been uncovered within parliament, exposing a culture where women are deterred from speaking out on important issues, therefore threatening our democracy. Fawcett’s survey and in-depth interviews identified factors pushing women out of parliament, including overwhelming workloads, lack of support, online abuse and an “exclusionary culture” within the House of Commons. Less than half of MPs said the culture in parliament is inclusive.


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