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16 Dec 2022

Diversity Lens - Issue 155


First Trans Woman to Win a Golden Globe

In January, MJ Rodriguez was awarded Best Actress in a TV Drama for her performance in the groundbreaking drag-scene drama, Pose. The Golden Globes might have bypassed your attention this year as they went ahead untelevised, with very little media attention, due to a boycott around their historical lack of diversity.
Rodriguez expressed her gratitude via Instagram, writing, "This is the door that is going to open the door for many more young talented individuals" and“LOVE WINS. To my young LGBTQAI babies WE ARE HERE the door is now open now reach the stars!!!!!”

London to Host UK’s First LGBTQ+ Museum

The charity Queer Britain opened the UK's first LGBTQIA+ museum in King's Cross  in April. The museum includes four galleries, a workshop, and gift shop, and has showcased an outfit worn by Olly Alexander, historical documents and transgender portraits, amongst much more. Director and co-founder Joseph Galliano made the museum free to enter, saying “I would be heartbroken if any young queer person or any person at all couldn’t get in and engage with what we’re working on because they didn’t have the money.”


Scientists Announce They Have Cured a Third Person of HIV

In February, we shared this story, yet now it looks very likely that five people have been 'cured' of HIV. Back in February, we reported the patient observed a reduction in symptoms for almost four years before she was able to stop taking HIV medication. This breakthrough procedure, which uses umbilical cord blood, was delivered as a cancer treatment for the unnamed patient. An HIV expert warns that the procedure will not likely become commonplace, but the field is advancing substantially.

V&A to Display its First African Fashion Exhibition

In early July, the Victoria and Albert Museum opened the first African fashion exhibition in the institution’s 170-year history with designs, photographs, and films from 25 of the 54 African countries. The V&A was founded in 1852 and its legacy is tied up with British colonialism across Africa. This exhibition, which has been more than two years in the making, was seen as a move towards acknowledging these histories, as well as including a more diverse range of voices in the institution.
“It is a moment of transition that marks the commitment that we have to celebrate African creativity", said curator Christine Checinska.

How The Taboo Around The Menopause Is Finally Being Broken

It used to be talked about in hushed tones, only in euphemisms, and only among older women. This year we have seen a definite shift in the conversations. Menopause is something that affects half of the population, but mostly, we don't talk about it. Fortunately, we're finally beginning to shake the stigma. From celebrities speaking out, to workplaces developing menopause policies, a revolution is happening. Our own CEO and Founder shared her personal experience here.


‘I’ve Realised My Dreams’: The Refugee Entrepreneurs Who Are Thriving in The UK


In January, this 30-year study showed us that refugees are not a 'burden' for Western European countries, but in fact have a positive effect on economic performance. Typically within five years of arrival, their so-called 'burden' is "more than outweighed by the increase in tax revenues". Positive News shines a spotlight on three refugee-owned businesses thriving, with the help of social enterprise The Entrepreneurial Refugee Network 

‘Great Resignation’ Sends UK Quit Rate to Highest Since 2009

We see this trend that started in January and persisted most of the year as employees taking back the power, and we celebrate that!
Many companies were struggling to recruit and hold on to staff due to an unusually high rate of Brits quitting their jobs. New data showed that "the level of open vacancies is the highest on record". In November, a record 4.5 million resigned in the US. Meanwhile, TikTok saw the hashtag #IQuitMyJob generate over 46 million views. Businesses were forced to look outside the box in order to attract employees, and keep them as well. Early signs showed that a scale back on flexible working patterns will not be tolerated by candidates.

‘We Are Eager to Help’: UK Firms From Aldi to Vodafone Offer Ukrainian Refugees Jobs

In a bid to support Ukrainians fleeing their country, in March, a number of large organisations offered jobs to the refugees. From Pret to Morrisons to Asos, the roles varied from store managers to IT engineering positions. Circle Health Group, the UK’s largest independent healthcare provider, offered up to 500 work visas and their CEO said "We are eager to help in some small way and stand with the Ukrainian people in this moment of unspeakable suffering."

Unions Fight to Secure Better Pay And Conditions For Workers

We've seen more unions taking action this year than ever before, and we're here for it. This year Google searches for unions sky rocketed. We have stood, and continue standing, in solidarity with all those striking for the basic necessities of safe working conditions and pay in line with rising inflation. It's meant to be an inconvenience - show your support regardless.

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