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25 Nov 2022

Diversity Lens - Issue 152

From transport to the NHS, education to delivery drivers, tens of thousands are striking or expecting to strike soon. Most strike action is over pay disputes, being forced into real-terms pay cuts due to rapidly rising inflation. Nurses will be striking next month – the first strike in their 106-year history – after ministers rejected their pleas for formal talks over pay. In this fraught time of workers' rights comes Black Friday, a shopping frenzy often associated with poor labour conditions and underpaid workers.

We support all the current and upcoming strike action and urge understanding by those it may impact.
Heroin chic? Jameela Jamil says no! – Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

Is heroin chic back? The toxic trend plagued the 1990s to early 2000s and with the return of y2k fashion it is once again rearing its ugly head. Think crop tops with incredibly flat stomachs and hip bones jutting out. Jameela Jamil shares her experience with feeling too big in a world, and industry, which values thinness so much. We've come so far since the 2000s in terms of equality, but rigid beauty standards and the scrutiny on women's bodies is stubbornly staying put. Shockingly, women are now turning to diabetes drugs - which are already in short supply - to achieve the desired look.

Content warning: contains descriptions of domestic abuse

There are no refuge spaces available in the whole of Greater Manchester, and England falls short of the Council of Europe’s minimum recommendation of refuge spaces (by 1,366).

Imagine you are living with an abusive partner who controls all of your essential living costs - food, child support, the roof over your head. Fleeing from this situation could mean swapping one life-threatening circumstance for another.

Almost three quarters of women living with an abuser have said that the cost of living has either “prevented them from leaving, or made it harder to leave”, Women’s Aid report. Women are being forced to choose between remaining with an abusive partner indefinitely, and destitution. 

So much of domestic abuse relies on financial control. Rachel, whom the Manchester Evening News spoke with, says the reason she was able to leave her violent partner was because her boss paid for her to rent a flat. A lot of these victims also have children to worry about, making leaving a place of financial and domestic security even more difficult.

The cost of living hikes are also having a "devastating" impact on refuge services who are trying to absorb costs rather than pass them onto vulnerable residents.

Britain Was Founded on Racism, Say Almost Half of Young People in Poll
Nearly half of young people feel that Britain is still "structurally racist". Yet adults opposed this statement by a 53% to 24% margin.

At least one of the three ideas connected to critical race theory - white privilege, systemic racism and unconscious bias - was taught or mentioned by an adult at school, according to 59% of school dropouts. Opponents decry this as the 'woke agenda', including former teacher and Tory MP Jonathan Gullis who claims teachers are misusing the classroom to advance their own "woke agenda". This is an attitude popular within the Conservative party with such talk in schools even branded as "extremist". However, concepts such as "unconscious bias" and "systemic racism" should not be controversial topics, and are clearly grounded in reality - a reality that young people are more and more tapped into via online learning and activism.
‘Woman, Life, Freedom’: Iranian Fans Protest Against Regime at World Cup
During their opening match against England at the World Cup, Iran’s protest movement made itself visible with people holding signs with political slogans and the team refusing to sing the national anthem, while the crowd sang anti-government victory songs and booed. Women are not allowed to enter football stadiums in Iran, but the fans in Doha showed overwhelming support for the women-led protests at home.
The protests were sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini, who was allegedly beaten to death by police for not wearing her hijab correctly. Since the protests began, at least 378 people have been killed by security forces, including 47 children.

Fifa Says Rainbow Colours Now Allowed in Qatar After Flags Confiscated
The World Cup continues but the moral outrage shows no sign of abating. This week the German team are pictured with their hands covering their mouths following the fall out over the "OneLove" armband with Fifa warning punitive action could be taken against players who wear them. The armband symbolises diversity and tolerance, and represents an important act of solidarity with LGBTQIA+ people in the face of Qatar's anti-gay laws. Reports have also been made of rainbow memorabilia worn by fans being confiscated in the stadium, despite Fifa's insistence that they are allowed.
Sky logo
How do you know an employer is committed to diversity & inclusion? When they set tangible goals – and that’s exactly what Sky have done! With an ethnic diversity target of “20 and 5, by 2025”, they are working to drive positive change within their workplace and embrace all employees being fully themselves. 

Different people with different perspectives make Sky a better business – so why not find your next opportunity there? Browse open roles on now!
EVENT: The Next Generation of eBay: Kick-Start Your Graduate Career

Graduating soon, or know someone that is?

eBay are looking for the next generation of graduates to bring fresh thinking and new ideas to shape and transform the world of e-commerce. We're partnering with eBay for an exclusive webinar next Tuesday 29th November at 1pm where we will be chatting with current grads about all things eBay.

Sign up to find out what it's really like on the grad scheme, what to expect and how to apply.


Building Your Self Confidence - 29th November 7pm
Exploring the Music Industry - 1st December 7pm

Tune into their Instagram live @apprenticenationuk
Severely Ill Refusing Sicknotes As They Cannot Afford Time Off, Says GPs’ Head
Doctors reported to be suffering “moral distress” as patients are refusing sick notes because they cannot afford to take the time off work. This comes at a time when
there is a rise in asthma attacks and serious breathing problems due to patients being unable to heat their homes, as well as fatigue, mouth ulcers and weak muscles due to soaring food costs meaning people are unable to afford anything other than a poor diet. Dr Hawthorne has said GPs are suffering due to being unable to help and that the number of trainees entering “won’t be enough” to meet the growing healthcare needs.
Diversity in Space at the Forefront as ESA Announces New Astronauts

The astronaut class of 2022 has been made public by the European Space Agency. It includes astronauts with a physical disability for a "feasibility project", as well as career astronauts. In a groundbreaking effort, the ESA specifically sought out individuals with physical disabilities to determine what adaptations will be needed to be made to space stations. The ESA claims that no significant Western space organisation has ever launched a paranaut into space. Although racial diversity was not expressly addressed in the ESA's hiring campaign, it was stressed that it was crucial to "representing all parts of our society." 
"We did not evolve to go to space so when it comes to space travel, we are all disabled", says astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti.


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