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21 Oct 2022

Diversity Lens - Issue 147

Tuesday was Menopause Awareness Day. The stigma around menopause and the lack of adequate support demonstrates that we need much more than just one day of focus on the topic. This week we saw the Bank of Ireland make a positive step forward, announcing their new paid menopause leave policy as well as introducing training for managers to better support staff.

This should be the norm, not the exception.

We’re hosting a live podcast next Thursday 27th October where we will be talking with experts about what more needs to be done to improve the support that’s available. For more details, scroll down the newsletter.

"No-Touch Abortion" - Radiolab

This insightful episode of Radiolab traces the history of abortion care since 1970, and the innovation of abortion pills. They tell the story, not of the political state of abortion, the legality or morality of it, but instead look into the science of it. In a post-covid, post-roe world, clinicians began to anticipate more people in the ER presenting with complications from attempts at at-home abortions - coat hangers and the like. However, this is not what happened, on the whole, thanks to access to abortion pills. And significantly, self-managed abortions have the same outcomes as in-person abortions - meaning they are no less safe.

With Truss on her way out of number 10, and rumours of Boris Johnson's return on the table, we turn our attention to a bill from Johnson's administration that unfortunately didn't leave with him.

The Public Order Bill is back in Parliament.

The proposed measures, criticised for “treating peaceful protest like terrorism“, strengthens police authority to use stop and search, which is already applied racially to single out particular groups of people, and provides new offences for "locking on".

The estimated annual cost of the bill comes to £900,000, and the main benefit is cited as "improved public safety". Extinction Rebellion, Just Stop Oil, and Insulate Britain are specifically named, campaigns very much in the interest of future public safety themselves.

One lesser known aspect of the bill is the implication that defendants will have to prove their innocence, a violation of the right to a fair trial and the principle "innocent until proven guilty". If the bill is to pass, more pressure will be placed on courts already working at capcity, with up to 66 more protestors being sent to jail and up to 696 new court cases each year.

‘Hundreds’ of Met Police Officers Are Homophobic, Sexist and Racist – And Getting Away With It

Hundreds of Metropolitan Police officers should have been fired for improper handling of allegations of racism, misogyny, sexual misconduct, and homophobia, an investigation reveals.
Met police are investigating more than 600 domestic and sexual abuse allegations against its officers. The investigation also highlighted racism within the police, with black and Asian officers and employees being more likely to face claims of misconduct than their white colleagues. 

What It Feels Like to Relearn Your Own Black British History
Black British history is rarely taught in schools; UK Black history educator Kayne Kawasaki remembers that lessons focused on black history were minimal and Photographer Gifty Dzenyo has almost no recollection of Black history being taught. 
More and more Black British people are seeking out this history that has been omitted from the classroom. This can clearly be seen through the popularity of books, such as Natives by Akala, as well as Black history documentaries such as those by David Olblusoga.
"The only time you engage in Black histories within the school environment is either through a subordinated position or an enslaved one. So it doesn’t ever lend itself to Black people with some sort of agency, autonomy, power or independence."
The Largest State In Mexico Just Legalised Marriage Equality
In 2015, the Mexican Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional for states to prohibit same-sex unions, effectively legalising it. However, some states have refused to abide by the decision. The State of Mexico is the 29th of 32 states to fully approve gay marriage, while stating that "in the State of Mexico we do not leave anybody behind". Just three more states to go!
Social Media: How to Protect Your Mental Health

Over 80% of people in the UK are on at least one social media platform, with young adults being more likely to be on multiple. And young people are experiencing more mental health problems than any other age group. Findings are mixed, with some suggesting social media usage can open people up to cyber bulling and anxiety, while others suggest it can help people connect with others and get access to support.
Click the article for some tips to transform your social media usage; from interacting and following accounts that put out positive content to apps that can help you with controlling the time you spend on it.

Hot Flushes & Brain Fog: Why we all need to talk about Menopause

Do you know enough about menopause?
Diversifying Group’s podcast You Can’t Say Anything Anymore! is delighted to be partnering with Period To Pause for an exclusive live podcast recording for Menopause Awareness Month! We will be exploring menopause from all angles; debunking myths around what it is and who is impacted, how workplaces can adopt inclusive policies, and why an intersectional approach is vital.
Whether you do, or will, experience menopause or if you want to learn how to support those that do, everyone is welcome on 27th October at 5:30pm (GMT).
Calls For Businesses To Become More Inclusive For Adults With Learning Disabilities

Over 2,000 adults with learning disabilities and autism are to be assisted by a new initiative in finding competitive employment. According to statistics, only 2 out of 10 adults with autism are employed right now. 24 local authorities will get grants to help 60-140 adults "move into competitive employment". Additionally, job coaches will be made available with the goal of fostering more careers.

Women in Leadership Are Leaning Out (And Into a Better Job)
A recent study found that women in leadership roles are the ones who leave their jobs the most frequently. The difference between the resignation rates of male and female leaders is also at an all-time high. According to a study of more than 40,000 workers from 330 companies, only 87 women are promoted from entry-level to manager positions for every 100 men. Two-thirds of women under 30 stated that they would be more motivated to advance if they saw leaders prioritise professional growth and exhibit work-life balance. According to the study, people who had a say in how their jobs were structured were less likely to feel burned out or want to quit their jobs.

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