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Beware of scams: Protect yourself from fraudulent messages

At Diversifying Group, we're committed to your safety and security. We would like to ask our candidates to beware of a current scam that targets job seekers. Fraudsters may reach out to you impersonating consultants with job opportunities or offers in order to get your personal information or request payment. It's crucial to be vigilant and verify the authenticity of any messages you receive.

Recruitment scams are not always obvious. Here are a few tips on how to identify a fraudulent message:

  • It’s from an unknown phone number, country code or email address.

  • It contains a link; these may contain malware that could be installed on your device so avoid clicking on these.

  • It contains sudden requests for payment or pressure to act quickly.

  • It contains poor spelling and/or grammar.

  • It contains unrealistic salary or working arrangements - if it’s too good to be true it probably is.

For your safety, we strongly advise:

  • Do not respond to these messages.

  • Do not share any personal information, banking details, or make any payments requested through these messages.

  • Report the scam message to your local authorities or the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) through their official website for further investigation.

At Diversifying Group, we might contact you by text message, however:

  • Initial contact will usually be via an email address containing or via LinkedIn.

  • We never send job offers or requests for personal information via text message to individuals who have not registered with our agency.

  • We will never ask a candidate to pay fees as part of the recruitment process.

  • We have an office phone number on our website, so you can give us a call if you’re not sure of anything.

Stay alert and safeguard yourself against fraudulent activity. If you have any doubts or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly using the contact details below:

21 Feb 2020

Diversity Lens - Issue 14

Feb 21

Diversity Lens - Issue 14

Diversity Lens

Welcome to Diversity Lens, the newsletter from BAME Recruitment and! We’re excited to be bringing you all the latest news and opinions about recruitment and the world of diversity and inclusion.
Latest News

BAME Recruitment CEO Cynthia Davis speaks about her journey as an entrepreneur
"Go ahead and make sure you become the representation you want to see in the world." - Cynthia Davis.
Last week our CEO Cynthia Davis spoke at iwoca's event, Where Business Meets Impact: The Future of Responsible Entrepreneurship and discussed her journey from aspiring business owner at her kitchen table to successful entrepreneur. Cynthia, along with entrepreneurs Ash Ali, Wai Foong Ng and Lara Gilman, were part of a panel discussion open to aspiring entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds. If you'd like to learn more about iwoca's events, click on the photo below, or to contact Cynthia for speaking engagements please click here.

Astronaut lands on Earth after record-breaking 328 days in space
Christina Koch has returned to Earth after 328 days on the International Space Station – the longest continuous spaceflight ever undertaken by a female astronaut. Having left Earth on 12 March last year, Koch’s time on the ISS surpassed the previous continuous record for a female astronaut, held by fellow American Peggy Whitson. An electrical engineer from North Carolina, Koch is an expert in space science instrument development and in engineering in remote scientific locations including Antarctica and Alaska. Her research during the mission included growing protein crystals for potential use as treatments for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson's disease. When asked about NASA's aim to get more women into the program, she reflected on seeing another female astronaut in her department: “We both drew a lot of inspiration from seeing people who were reflections of ourselves as we were growing up, and developing our dreams to become astronauts.” Koch also said in an interview from space last month: “Diversity is important and it is something worth fighting for.”

Click Here to read more about her incredible mission.

New documentary addresses racism in football
Shame in The Game, a new film on BBC Three highlights some of the personal experiences that footballers have experienced in relation to racism in English football. The film looks at players from the Premier League to the lower leagues and also the women’s game. Check out the film on iPlayer below by clicking on the photo.

Trans Model Laith Ashley talks about his experiences of discrimination
Laith Ashley is a 31-year-old trans male model, known for being a member of the pit crew on RuPaul's Drag Race and featuring in Calvin Klein, British GQ and Vogue. Laith talks in depth about the fashion industry being known as heteronormative and feeling like he was betraying women during his transition. Laith identifies as a binary male and notes that after he began 'passing' as male he acquired male privilege. However, he also notes that as his trans identity was revealed, that privilege is stripped away. Laith also says, “Because I’m of colour, I’m perceived as a threat. If I’m on the subway in jeans and a t-shirt, I’m stopped by the police. That didn’t happen prior to my transition.” To hear Laith's fascinating interview, click the video below.
Trans Model Laith Ashley discusses what it means to be a man.
Diversity and Inclusion Insights

Finland to offer new fathers as much paid leave as mothers
In Finland paid paternity leave will be extended to nearly seven months, in line with maternity leave. Pregnant women are also entitled to a month of pregnancy leave before the expected date of birth. Finland's Minister of Social Affairs and Health, Aino-Kaisa Pekonen (pictured below) said the aim of the “radical reform” was both to improve gender equality and to boost a declining birth rate. The number of newborns in Finland fell by around a fifth between 2010 and 2018, to just 47,577 babies in a country of around 5.5 million people. Pekonen said other countries such as Sweden and Iceland had seen increases in their birth rates after offering more leave for fathers. For more info about the decision click on Pekonen's photo below.

Being out at work - interview with some of the UK's top employers on LGBTQ+ inclusivity
When applying for a job, many LGBTQ+ people worry about being out on their CV and what impact it will have on their application. However, the advice of some of the UK’s most inclusive employers is that you should never hide your true identity when applying for roles. Some of the biggest names in the industry such as Lloyds, ASOS and Santander have given their advice to LGBTQ+ people on career choices. Jonny Howe, senior manager at Lloyds says, "When considering where to start your career, look out for an employer who has values aligning with your own." For more information about top employers' opinions on LGBTQ+ inclusivity, click the photo below.

Story of the Week

The first British black female swimmer
Alice Dearing, 22, could make history in 2020 by becoming the first black woman to represent Great Britain in swimming at the Olympics. She speaks in an interview, about breaking down stereotypes in the sport, dealing with racism from trainers and fellow sports players, as well as everyday issues such as how she's excited to be a representation for the black community.

"I want to change perception that black people can swim." Alice Dearing speaks out about the lack of black representation in swimming sports.
Featured Video

What it's like to have a parent come out as LGBTQ+
Following the recent brave coming out announcement by Philip Schofield, his family and press have been thrust into the limelight. Questions of what it is like to and how to handle a parent coming out have been in the forefront of the public eye. Jillian Stewart from Scotland talks about what it was like to have a parent come out from her perspective. She interviews members of her family and others that have gone through the same experience to learn about how it affected them. Check out the documentary with Radio 1 Newsbeat called My Lesbian Mums that is definitely worth a watch.
Jillian Stewart discusses what it was like to have a parent come out.
Inspirational Person of the Week

Chella Man
Chella Man is an American Trans activist, You-tuber and deaf rights activist. He gained international attention when he starred in DC’s TV Show 'Teen Titans' and plays one of the first deaf roles within the DC universe. He discusses the importance of disabled actors playing disabled characters to support proper representation, stating, "Casting disabled actors/actresses for disabled roles will aid to authentically represent and deconstruct stereotypes built around our identities.” Chella has used his platform with YouTube and Marvel to teach and create awareness of American Sign Language (ASL). He identifies as bi-cultural being of deaf and hearing culture. In addition, Chella is of Jewish and Chinese descent and considers himself proud to be of mixed heritage and proud of his two cultures. Chella has also modelled for various organisations as part of a wider inclusivity scheme, including Calvin Klein, Gap and American Eagle.

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