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05 Aug 2022

Diversity Lens - Issue 136

Bearily Bear Stories

A Modern Retelling of Outdated Fairytales by Miral Sattar, mother of three. Sattar has transported popular children tales to the present day; damsels in distress are reimagined as smart and problem-solving girls. In fact, all the stories are filled with diverse and confident characters so that no one is left feeling excluded, dismissed or belittled for who they are. Sattar has worked in media for 15 years and witnessed firsthand the power of storytelling; she's made the stories we tell children fit for purpose.


Teachers in England ‘fear they are missing signs of far-right radicalisation’

Teachers across the UK are reporting a worrying trend in extremist views among pupils. However, they're ill-equipped in terms of taking any further action. Often, the language around far-right subjects is so new and obscure, teachers aren't even aware of what's going on in their classrooms.

However, the more overt examples of right wing extremism reported in schools include the doodling of swastikas and white-power slogans, use of hate speech against refugees and adopting language associated with incels - a dangerous subculture of men. Anecodotal evidence in schools report that it is predominantly young men displaying these behaviours.
University College London found that "racism, misogyny and homophobia are widespread" in UK schools. 

Teachers describe how often these misguided beliefs are disguised as "low-level ‘banter’" but go much further than that. Students are being influenced by far-right movements both via the internet and from family members at home.

Organisations such as Hope Not Hate are working to support teachers and vulnerable children with workshops and training sessions. They also have a “deradicalisation unit” to help individuals who are displaying signs of far-right radicalisation.


How Are Trans Bodies Monitored on Instagram? Meta’s Oversight Board Takes Up Its First Gender Identity Case

Meta's independent oversight body is reviewing a case related to gender identity and nudity on Instagram. The outcome of this has the potential to impact millions of trans and non-binary creators.  

A profile being taken down due to perceived guideline violations can cause a massive impact on the creators. The current lack of transparency in policy means non-binary and trans creators are struggling with censorship prompted by the ambiguity of showing a "bulge", or a trans man showing their chest. Current guidelines are leaving trans and non-binary people feeling that their bodies are being policed; they're calling for more "transparent moderation".

“Quite often trans men are getting taken down for being shirtless, whether they have top surgery or not,” Ashley says, “Which shouldn’t matter. Plenty of cis men have boobs.”  

Glastonbury Founder Digs Deep to Build Affordable Homes
Festival founder Michael Eavis is gifting land for 20 new social homes in a bid to address Britain’s housing crisis. Almost two million children live in unaffordable or unsuitable homes in England, with many more in need of social housing. In addition to donating land, Eavis has also provided £275k towards development costs of the new housing. Rural property prices have risen so much, locals need the protection of reliable social housing to stay in their neighbourhood. 
What Happened to Liz Truss’s Pledge to Stamp Out Workplace Sexual Harassment?
Liz Truss, now the favourite for Prime Minister, vowed to tackle sexual harassment in the workplace a year ago but nothing appears to have materialised of these plans. In July 2021, the Government Equalities Office run by Truss announced new measures including introducing a duty for employers to prevent sexual harassment and extending the time limit for bringing employment tribunals under the Equality Act. Despite promises to "transform the workplace", nothing seems to have progressed since. Big Issue requested a status update and were told nothing but that the commitment still stands. One in two women have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace - we need action now.
“Sexual harassment is endemic in our workplaces, but it’s so normalised that it’s routinely minimised or dismissed by employers."
Tom Daley Addresses Criminalised Homosexuality at Commonwealth Games in Powerful Statement
The opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games 2022 saw Tom Daley among other LGBTQ+ athletes and activists walking into the stadium with Progress Pride flags. However, Daley didn't stop there, and is taking further steps to advance LGBTQ+ rights. "In over half of the Commonwealth countries, homosexuality is still a crime", he states on Instagram, that's a shocking 35 of the 54 countries, and in three of these the maximum penalty is death. Daley continues his activism in a new BBC documentary, travelling across the world to meet LGBTQ+ athletes, as well as the president of the Commonwealth Games Federation, pushing for change and formulating a manifesto.



As Tech Giants Face a Financial Downturn, Some New Players Are Focusing on People Over Profit

The impending recession is being felt by tech giants, once deemed untouchable. "Reduced consumer spending and fears of an uncertain future" are causing unforeseen financial setbacks with redundancies happening globally. Amid this climate, new tech start-ups are building on this customer dissatisfaction and offering alternatives which place more power in the hands of the consumer and better working conditions for employees. Means TV, for example, is bidding for space alongside competitive streaming platforms by positioning itself as the “world’s first worker-owned, anti-capitalist streaming service”. It boasts a democratic and cooperative working structure and offers discounted rates for users who cannot afford the subscription fee.

Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation – Getting it Right in Business

Friend of the newsletter, Joanne Lockwood, is a longtime workplace inclusion advocate. In this piece, she shares some important tips on how to support sexual orientation and gender identity at work. Respect is at the heart of it; if your workplace is built around mutual respect of one and another, you're likely cultivating an inclusive environment for all. While there might be an assumption that we should just avoid talking about gender and sexuality altogether at work, this lack of transparency can be just as a harmful. We should ensure that gender is part of conversations, Joanne explains, to acknowledge different identities without pushing anyone to open up before they're ready. Read the whole article for more best practice advice.
Over The Wall Gala Dinner 2022 – Sponsorship Opportunities
Over The Wall children’s charity (OTW) has been providing life-changing experiences to children with serious illnesses and their families since it was founded in 1999, by Hollywood actor, Paul Newman. Undeniably, the past two years have been by far the most challenging, however in celebration of OTW’s successful return to residential activity camps this summer, a very special Gala Dinner is being held in London on December 1st. 
The Gala aims to raise over £100,000 to fund more transformational experiences for seriously-ill children in 2023, and to achieve this, all elements of the event require sponsorship. The charity has already secured a number of fantastic sponsors across a variety of sectors, but still requires two more. Various options are available, from £2,5000 up to £10,000, with varying benefits. Please email for further information.

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