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20 Jun 2022

Diversity Lens - Issue 129

Welcome to Diversity Lens.

Pride in London is only two weeks away and will be walking in this year's pride march. We'll be bringing along our colourful enthusiasm, plus a large speaker to blast out some cheerful, funky, and empowering queer anthems for everyone to sing along to! We've compiled our own playlist that you can listen to, here: ‘Proud at work with Diversifying’. Will you be attending Pride in London this year? Tell us what kind of music you'd like to march to. If you happen to see us, please come and say hello; we don't bite.

MUSIC: Charlotte Adigéry, Bolis Pupul - Topical Dancer

How do you merge electro-pop, innovative sound design and humour whilst speaking out against social injustices? Charlotte Adigéry and Bolis Pupul know how to do just that on their debut album, Topical Dancer.

In a recent interview, the duo shared that focusing on current issues through their music came from their daily experiences as artists of colour living in Europe. Topics such as racism, misogyny and xenophobia are explored throughout the tracks, which are peppered with quick wit, in-jokes and infectious beats.

"Stonewall boss: Census data dispels

harmful myth that trans people are

replacing LGB people"

Pink News

"The Internet, along with social media and web-connected personal devices, may have contributed to the increasing awareness of gender diversity."

According to data from the 2021 Canadian Census, trans and non-binary people make up 0.33 percent of the over-16 Canadian population. Using non-probability data from the UK, it has been estimated that 0.6% of the adult population is trans or non-binary. Using the best information we have, it is clear that the trans and non-binary populations are small. However trans people are often seen as threats and are talked about over and over again in political discussions in the UK.

We can observe that the younger generation is more likely to be trans and non-binary than the older generation due to their open-mindedness and exposure to a wide range of knowledge. As a result, the total population estimate is likely to fluctuate over time.
Generation Z was born during the Internet era, and millennials came of age as the Internet transformed the way we gather and process information. People, especially the younger generation, may be more aware of the differences between men and women because of the Internet.

There is no evidence shown to support the notion that trans and non-binary identities are socially contagious and epidemic among youth. The Canadian Community Health Survey, on the other hand, shows that the number of lesbian, gay, and bisexual people is slowly and steadily growing.
Text: IN OTHER NEWS. Background image shows picture of protestors.
Pride celebrations throughout June can mean many things to different people. Whether you’re out and proud, out to yourself, or an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community, there are many ways to celebrate Pride, whether that’s in public or in private. Pride started as, and continues to be, a protest. It’s a time to connect with communities, as well as with yourself. It’s an invitation to learn about and remember queer history, which supports the community and your own understanding of your identity. VICE shares the experiences of LGBTQIA+ members about their connection to Pride and why it’s okay not to be out during Pride Month.
Last Friday, June 10, LGB Alliance said that it had "been successful in its application for a grant from the National Lottery Community Fund." The money would be used to plan and start a helpline for young lesbian, gay, and bisexual people. Despite immediate backlash from the community the LGB Alliance is claiming to serve, the funding has been defended by the National Lottery Community Fund. The LGB Alliance has been labelled in recent times as a "transphobic hate group" by activists, lawmakers, and community members due to their open claims that there is "no LGBT+ community" and their campaigns against a legislative ban on conversion therapy in the UK.
The first flight transferring asylum seekers from the UK to Rwanda has been cancelled after their deportation was blocked by the European Court of Human Rights. When the proposal was first announced, the government came under fire. Priti Patel and Boris Johnson claimed the measure was required to prevent asylum seekers from crossing the hazardous English Channel from France to the UK. An out-of-hours judge is said to have overturned UK court orders on deportations. The government's rented plane, which is said to have cost £500,000, will not take off after all.

"Sending people fleeing violence to a country thousands of miles away was already cruel and callous. It’s now potentially unlawful too.”

Text: ENTER THE WORK SPHERE. Background image shows picture of protestors.


According to LinkedIn research, the pressures women face to have children, combined with the reality that once they become mothers, they are often responsible for the majority of childcare, cause many women to feel forced to sprint early in their careers. Despite accounting for 40% of the workforce, women hold only 23% of executive jobs and 29% of senior manager positions globally. Women who want to be in positions of leadership are more likely to get them in the first ten years of their careers. Their prospects tend to dwindle after that. "There is immense pressure for women to reach a certain level of career and financial success before becoming parents," says Karin Kimbrough, LinkedIn's Chief Economist.

Pride in Education is back for its fifth conference, and this time they are having a hybrid event, so people can either join in-person or online. The programme aims to support anyone working or with an interest in making the education sector more inclusive, from primary to university, with a focus on LGBTIQA+ lives and issues. This year they are welcoming the founders of LGBT+ History Month. The conference offers a range of live panel discussions, presentations, and workshops and looks at super-diverse identities through intersectionality. We have partnered with Pride in Education to offer you a 20% discount by using the code 'Bame_Recruitment' or clicking this link 20% off Pride in Education.

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