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04 Feb 2022

Diversity Lens - Issue 112

Feb 4

Diversity Lens - Issue 112

Welcome to Diversity Lens.


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As we settle into the new year, with increasing workloads and life admin to take care of, are we also taking care of ourselves?

This week we observed “Time to Talk” day where we were encouraged to make time to check-in with friends, families, communities and those in our workplaces. Taking time to listen can make a big difference and this includes listening to our bodies. Occasionally, mild symptoms can be an indication of something more serious and getting help early can make a huge difference.

Having recently recovered from bowel cancer, I put a post out on LinkedIn to encourage people to look for warning signs and take action. I was overwhelmed by the wonderful support but also the high number of people (especially men) that had been ignoring similar symptoms to mine for a really long time.

If this is you, you know what you need to do…

"Investigation into Met Police officers uncovers racism, misogyny, harassment and offensive social media messages"Sky News
Image of Charing Cross police station near Trafalgar Square in central London

"The behaviour we uncovered was disgraceful and fell well below the standards expected of the officers involved."

The shocking new investigation, centred largely on Charing Cross police station, has validated a lot of the distrust, hostility and fear of the police that has been building in recent years. The enquiry commenced after an allegation of a police officer’s sexual misconduct with a drunk person in the station, however it has led to many, many more concerns.

After a police watchdog investigation was launched, officers came forward with evidence of colleagues engaging in racist, misogynistic, homophobic, ableist and other deeply disturbing behaviours. Among them, are claims that officers dressed up as known sex offenders and shared WhatsApp messages making light of domestic violence.

?Officers who challenged the casual sexual harassment were told it was "part of police culture" and were given the option to "play the game, stay quiet or leave."

Bullying was also found to be a significant issue among the officers, with many probationary police officers targeted and threatened under the guise of ‘banter’.

Since the investigation concluded, just two police officers out of fourteen have been terminated for gross misconduct; two police officers resigned, while two others were subjected to disciplinary action.

Many people, unfortunately, will not be surprised by the abominable discoveries in this case. With less than a year since Sarah Everard's kidnapping and murder by PC Wayne Couzens, public trust in the police continues to plummet.

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Record number of Black and Asian students accepted at top UK universities
Man smiling while sat at laptop

Ucas data shows Black students accepted into Russell Groups increased by 19% in 2021. A record number of applications from all backgrounds were seen following the higher A-levels awarded by teacher-assessed grading instead of exams. Data also showed that more lower income students were being accepted into higher education. On the other hand, the number of applications from the wealthiest families climbed by 15%, while those from less fortunate backgrounds increased only by 10%.

"We are delighted to see the increase in the numbers of students being accepted at university, including a welcome rise in those from disadvantaged backgrounds."

Ngozi Fulani, a director and Independent Domestic Violence Advocate (IDVA) at Sistah Space

Alarming new statistics suggest black women who are victims of domestic abuse are less likely than white women to have their offenders punished in court. Between 2016-2020, 37 police departments charged suspected offenders in 6.7% of domestic abuse cases involving white victims and just 5.5% of instances involving black victims - both incredibly low figures.

Sistah Space, a non-profit trying to address this imbalance, are campaigning for Valerie's Law to pass to introduce mandatory training for the police to deal more effectively with domestic abuse against black women and girls. The campaign has backing from FKA Twigs and Sir Lewis Hamilton.

“The shocking murder of Valerie Forde shows that the police need to do more to help Black women experiencing domestic abuse – and sadly evidence from Sistah Space shows that many other black women do not trust the police to treat them fairly."

Britain’s equalities watchdog met privately with anti-trans groups
VICE World News have obtained leaked documents and emails revealing how senior leaders at the Equality and Human Rights Commission supported anti-trans groups, and backed “legal cases that opposed trans equality”. The EHRC was established to enforce equality laws; they are funded by taxpayers and senior leaders are government appointed. VICE findings appear to contradict their principles of equality. The history and evident beliefs of several senior members of the EHRC are brought to light, prompting increasing concern for the future of LGBTQIA+ rights.
Text: ENTER THE WORK SPHERE. Background image shows picture of protestors.
Inclusive employer spotlight

This week’s featured employer, TSB Bank, is deeply committed to building an inclusive organisation that reflects their customers. They’re working hard to create a workplace that values difference and where everyone feels welcome – and that’s why we love them!

They’ve set intersectional goals to achieve by 2025 to make sure their workforce is truly reflective of the UK’s population and everyone can access the same opportunities. Find out more about TSB and browse jobs opportunities on
Monzo launches paid sabbaticals as UK groups rethink work-life balance

In a review of their workplace wellbeing policies, Monzo employees of four years or more are now eligible for three-month paid sabbaticals. This announcement feels the more sincere considering their founder, Tom Blomfield, had to step back from the company in 2021 due to anxiety and stress. People Experience Director at Monzo said the time off could be “transformative”.

Monzo already practice flexible working hours which allow the staff to work anywhere around the world as long as they are available for meetings or training when needed.

"Our people are essential to our mission of making money work for everyone and investing in them is a priority as we continue to grow."

EVENT London Deputy Mayor joins international panellists to combat racism in education
Educating Out Racism is back for the third time to offer practical tools to combat racism in education and support an intersectional approach to Race Equity in Education. The half day programme offers knowledge sharing panels and workshops, live Q&As and a special performance. Join us for this free virtual event which will look at how to foster belonging and inclusion in education from primary to university.
Save your spot now for February 25th.

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