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Beware of scams: Protect yourself from fraudulent messages

At Diversifying Group, we're committed to your safety and security. We would like to ask our candidates to beware of a current scam that targets job seekers. Fraudsters may reach out to you impersonating consultants with job opportunities or offers in order to get your personal information or request payment. It's crucial to be vigilant and verify the authenticity of any messages you receive.

Recruitment scams are not always obvious. Here are a few tips on how to identify a fraudulent message:

  • It’s from an unknown phone number, country code or email address.

  • It contains a link; these may contain malware that could be installed on your device so avoid clicking on these.

  • It contains sudden requests for payment or pressure to act quickly.

  • It contains poor spelling and/or grammar.

  • It contains unrealistic salary or working arrangements - if it’s too good to be true it probably is.

For your safety, we strongly advise:

  • Do not respond to these messages.

  • Do not share any personal information, banking details, or make any payments requested through these messages.

  • Report the scam message to your local authorities or the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) through their official website for further investigation.

At Diversifying Group, we might contact you by text message, however:

  • Initial contact will usually be via an email address containing or via LinkedIn.

  • We never send job offers or requests for personal information via text message to individuals who have not registered with our agency.

  • We will never ask a candidate to pay fees as part of the recruitment process.

  • We have an office phone number on our website, so you can give us a call if you’re not sure of anything.

Stay alert and safeguard yourself against fraudulent activity. If you have any doubts or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly using the contact details below:

29 Oct 2021

Diversity Lens - Issue 100

Oct 29

Diversity Lens - Issue 100

Welcome to Diversity Lens.

Welcome to our 100th issue! We can't quite believe we're in triple digits.

Firstly a huge thank you to everyone who has joined us this far. We're constantly looking to improve this newsletter and bring you a carefully curated selection of stories, big and small, good and bad.

You might notice that we've had a bit of a makeover, but our content and our mission remains the same. As it's our birthday (kind of?), we'd love it if you could send this issue to a friend or mention Diversity Lens to your colleague.

On that note, if you're new here...we're the social change Image of our Marketing Consultant, Cressidanewsletter, aspiring for a more equal world to live in.
"'Passing' Stars And Director Rebecca Hall On The Complexity of Racial Identity"
In cinemas today.
Passing is released in select cinemas today - a film set in 1920s New York and centred around a Black woman and her childhood friend whom she discovers is now 'passing' as white.

Director, Rebecca Hall identifies as white but has mixed heritage on her mother's side. Her film is an adaptation of the 1929 novel "Passing" but feels incredibly relevant to society today, particularly conversations around colourism and privilege.

"It’s still so hard as a female filmmaker to get something made,” Thompson says who played lead character Irene, even more so a debut film in black and white.
This visual choice was crucial to Hall, making it impossible for the audience to determine the skin tone of the characters.

The film for hall has been a journey of self-discovery and of understanding her own history better. After a lifetime of uncertainty, she eventually found out about her lineage of race and the 'passing' of her grandfather that confused her familial history.

Passing has been picked up by Netflix in a major deal which guarantees the film a large, mainstream audience after an arduous financing process. Available on Netflix on November 10th.
Listen to this article here.
"The zest with which she transgresses boundaries of race and class, expose the falseness of the racial categories upheld by white and Black alike."
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Text: IN OTHER NEWS. Background image shows picture of protestors.
Text: OPINION PIECE The Black Experience: a paradox of identity
As Black History Month comes to a close, our very own Eddie Kaziro shares his personal experiences of growing up Black through the dominant white gaze, how this shaped his identity, and the paradox of Black culture today. Check out Eddie's insightful essay.5 mins
Text: Britain's first black train drive honoured with blue plaque
This week a plaque to honour and celebrate Wilston Samuel Jackson was unveiled at London King's Cross Station.
After moving to London as a Caribbean migrant in 1952, Jackson began work on the railways as a cleaner but at night studied for his driver exams. In 1962, he became the country’s first Black train driver. His daughter describes the plaque as a "fitting tribute to his life and career". 5 mins
Mother of John Lewis advert star slams disgusting trolls who say her son has been 'sexualised'
Some critics have called Reggie an example of 'toxic masculinity' while also accusing John Lewis of pushing a 'woke' agenda. The advert depicts an out of control child, with a dress and make up on his face, destroying the family home.
The actor's mother has called the controversy "laughable", particularly around his lipstick and dance moves. Reggie meanwhile sends a powerful message to the haters: “I’m not transgender, but even if I was what would it matter?".3 mins
UK trans man must go abroad to be legally recognised as father of second child
Freddy McConnell gave birth to his first child in 2018, but lost his legal battle to be named as father on the birth certificate. Now pregnant with his second child, he is crowdfunding in order to give birth in Sweden where legally trans men can be recognised as fathers on the birth certificate. UK law dictates that the person who gives birth to the child must be stated as 'mother' which has harmful ramifications for many LGBTQIA+ couples. Donate to help Freddy.4 mins
Text: ENTER THE WORK SPHERE. Background image shows picture of protestors.
What does being a 'cultural fit' actually mean?
Have you ever performed great in an interview but were told you weren't a 'cultural' fit? This vague excuse can hide some concerning biases which are often subconscious. This means that candidates who might look or sound different to the hiring manager are put at a disadvantage. It's an issue that can affect all types of workers, but some more often than others who are less represented at a senior level.

If your hiring processes have failed to yield diverse candidates, perhaps it is time to look into the possibility of your personal biases coming into influence here.10 mins
"When companies reject applicants based on cultural fit, they are likely perpetuating racism, ageism and sexism in the process"
Will Sunak's budget really help ease the cost of living squeeze?
It was announced this week that the national living wage will be raised to £9.50 an hour - a 59p increase following the unfreezing of public sector pay. This will be a significant boost to millions of low paid workers, but the cost of living continues to rise as well as cuts being made to universal credit. The rise in pay will not take place until April and will likely be soon "eroded by inflation". We're still significantly below the £10 minimum demanded by Labour and trade unions. 2 mins

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