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26 Jan 2024

Diversity Lens - 208

Something we've been wondering this week...Is it acceptable to swear at work?

Our workplaces are getting more and more informal, generally for the better in my opinion! Employees are encouraged to be themselves, leave the old corporate mask behind and be your normal self at work. That can only be a good thing, right? And let's be honest, swearing is a pretty normal part of most of our lives as a way to emphasise points, express surprise, frustration, or a number of emotions. So is it still necessary to code switch and adapt your language when in the workplace?

Our LinkedIn audience overwhelmingly voted that its a-okay to swear at work - especially with your close colleagues. What do you reckon? 👀

- Cressida, Head of Content


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Periods are holding women back at work And so is not talking about it.

What's the fuss? There's been a flurry of talk this week about new research that connects menstruation with suicidal thoughts. This isn't news to many women (or anyone with a womb) who suffer from these severe symptoms, but it is only now being talked about. Why? Women's health is still not a priority, and periods are still under-researched.

Is this relevant to workplaces? In short, yes! Menstruation can severely impact people, psychologically and physically. The extent of symptoms are still not fully understood but we know it can cause depression, anxiety, vomiting, weakness, severe pain, etc. A 2019 survey suggested a third of women are so badly hit by their periods they can’t carry out everyday tasks. Surely that requires some accommodations in the workplace?

Menstrual leave Spain introduced menstrual leave last year but there have been no indications that the UK will follow suit. It's on companies then to create menstruation-friendly workplaces, break down taboos, and lead with compassion.

⚠️ Is hybrid working becoming toxic? ⚠️

Hybrid working is a non-negotiable for many workers. Full-time in an office is just no longer a feasible option for so many of us, for a number of reasons ranging from finances to mental health. But some employers seem to be jumping on the bandwagon withoutputting in the work.

5 signs your hybrid working has become toxic:

🥴 Sick days? No no, I just work from home that day

❌ Zero policies are set up to support hybrid working employees

😒 You're treated completely differently on remote working days, compared to the office

✋ You're excluded from meetings, celebrations, and catch ups

🫠 Progression or pay rises disappeared. No hybrid in leadership.

Here's the thing... You can't just introduce hybrid/remote working on a whim, without changing your procedures and mind set. That's a surefire way to exclude those not in the office - out of sight out of mind...

Diversity is NOT making airplane travel unsafe 🙄

What are you talking about?! There's a shiny new conspiracy theory in town - diversity initiatives are causing airplane accidents. No, we're not making this up! The hypothesis doing the rounds in far-right circles is that women and minorities are being fast tracked into senior positions without qualification or experience. And yes, this is entire nonsense.

The billionaire effect...

Elon Musk jumpstarted the conspiracy, tweeting "Do you want to fly in an airplane where they prioritized DEI hiring over your safety? That is actually happening." Is it really, Elon? While it is true that there are concerns over the safety of some Boeing planes recently and accusations of putting cost cutting over safety, diversity just doesn't come into it.


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