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17 Mar 2020

Our advice when working remotely

Here at BAME Recruitment, the health and safety of our candidates, client partners, and our own team is our top priority. With this in mind, and in light of the rapidly escalating coronavirus situation, our team have decided to work remotely and to practice social distancing. We are however operating at full capacity. Luckily, our team already work remotely one day of the week, so we are in a well-established position to continue our work much as normal. With the right technology, routine and communication, remote working can be hugely successful. At a time when millions of workers are suddenly approaching working from home perhaps for the first time, Cressida, our PA to CEO at BAME Recruitment has outlined below some tips and tricks for keeping productive and motivated whilst maintaining team morale. 

At BAME Recruitment, we have initiated a check-in video chat with the whole team every morning. This time is not reserved exclusively for work matters, but a way to informally connect with one another and exchange morning pleasantries, much as we would in our normal office routine. Thus far, subject matters have included: showcasing our morning mugs of tea or coffee, discussing how much toilet paper we have left and what animals are keeping us company. I’ve found that this kickstarts my workday in a positive way. We have also decided to implement a Friday late afternoon call to similarly check-in and end the week collectively as a team, maybe with something a bit stronger than tea in our cups to celebrate that Friday feeling. I believe that this regular visual communication is something every team should practice in order to transition into the remote working experience as seamlessly as possible.  

As well as the practical necessities of good technology and software, there are measures you can take as an individual to maximise success. Firstly, designate a quiet space to work. Whilst most of us won’t have access to a home office; a table, chair and quiet corner is all you really need. Personally, my kitchen table works well for me; the room is light and airy, I can open the door for fresh air, and I do not get disturbed by those that may share the space every now and then, in fact the silent company aids my concentration, being accompanied by other forms of productivity. Find what works well for you – any chair and work surface will be an improvement from a bed or sofa in my experience.  

I would advise waking at a reasonable time before you are due to start work, showering and going about your normal morning routine before entering your designated workspace. This helps me to tap into the mindset of working. I intend to keep to the time schedule of a normal workday as much as possible and when finished for the day, move out of that workspace, even if that is as simple as switching seats at my kitchen table. 

Once you have a conducive at-home working environment, it can be easy to get lost in it with less activity going on around you. Do remember to take breaks and make small movements – get a drink, take a walk, don’t forget to have lunch. You could even empty the dishwasher, put some washing on, stroke your cat. You can schedule these things into your diary if you are prone to zoning out of reality outside your computer. 

At BAME Recruitment, we are continuing to think of new ideas to stay engaged with one another and encourage you to do the same for your workplace, such as scheduling a virtual lunch hang out, sharing with teammates what we are enjoying for lunch that day. 

We are in a time of uncertainty and anxiety with regards to the impact the virus is having on our daily lives. Yet working from home does not need to exacerbate these worries, in my opinion. My favourite things about working from home are waking up a little later, cooking lunch in the comfort of my kitchen, and enjoying my cats’ company. What are yours? 


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