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Formerly known as BAME Recruitment

26 Jul 2022

Introducing Diversifying Group

We are pleased to finally announce that we have changed our name to Diversifying Group to better reflect who we have become as an organisation and the services we provide.


When we launched BAME Recruitment back in 2015, our name reflected the historic marginalisation of Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities in the UK. Our founder, Cynthia Davis, had lived experience of this marginalisation. 

As a Black woman working within the recruitment sector, Cynthia was used to being the only person of colour in the room, and one of few women, but she still hoped for change. When her daughter was born, she became determined to make that change herself. Cynthia had a vision for a different, inclusive approach to recruitment and her vision fell on fertile ground. The landscape of recruitment was outdated and biased, and people were ready for change.

As demand for Diversity and Inclusion services increased, BAME Recruitment met this need, and evolved its services. Organisations needed help beyond just attracting talent to make a long-lasting impact, and we knew we had the expertise to help. Based on demand, we began to offer Consulting, Training, Events, Advertising and Recruitment Marketing alongside our Executive Search and Recruitment services.

Simultaneously, there was increasing rejection of the acronym ‘BAME’ and we no longer felt comfortable perpetuating its use. Now, and always, we strive to be truly representative of the people and communities we serve. We have always, and will always, welcome candidates from ALL backgrounds and characteristics. 

Happily, we have outgrown BAME Recruitment to become a destination for purpose-driven and authentic Diversity and Inclusion services: Diversifying Group.

We truly believe that most people and organisations have good intentions, they just need objective help. As Diversifying Group, we can be that critical friend on every step of the journey.

We’ve come a long way, as has the world around us, and we’re thrilled to welcome in a new era as Diversifying Group.

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